ANZAC Day at Davis

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This week at Davis: 3 May 2013

ANZAC Day is a day of reflection, of sharing stories and good times with mates and remembering the great sacrifices made by those who fought for us and those serving today - a sentiment that was shared by all on station this ANZAC Day.

Our dawn service was well attended and orchestrated by our uniformed representative with readings by station leader Jason, deputy Gavin and Bob along with a song by our very own Doc Mal. It was a moving ceremony which was well received by all in the chilly pre-dawn. Afterwards, a 'gunfire' breakfast and a chance to trade stories of family who had served and of personal visits to Gallipoli and other battle fields around the world.

We then moved on to a friendly game of Two-up and listening to the football match, followed by Gavin’s pick of Australian films for the day. We all commemorated the meaning of ANZAC Day in our own way. 

Lest we forget. 

Mark, Aaron and Col Raise the Australian, Aboriginal and New Zealand flags
Raising the flags as Reveille is sounded
(Photo: Rich Y)
Standing in front of the Australian, Aboriginal and New Zealand flags, Gavin conducts the Dawn Service while the rest of the Davis crew look on.
Gathered for the dawn service
(Photo: Rich Y)
Station leader Jason recites The Ode
A reading by Jason
(Photo: Rich Y)
The wintering crew at Davis stand before the Australian, Aboriginal and New Zealand flags flying at half mast
Davis crew at dawn
(Photo: Rich Y)
Aaron watches on as Mal V. takes his turn in the ring
Come in spinner
(Photo: Rich Y)
Richard taking a break while others watch on from the ring for the toss of the coins
Enjoying the Two-up
(Photo: Mal V)
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