Davis resupply

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This week at Davis: 25 January 2013

It is a very hectic week at Davis with the arrival of the Aurora Australis. The ship is here to resupply Davis station with its essential food, fuel and other requirements for the coming winter. It will be at least another nine to ten months before it gets back to Davis, sometime in November. The ship will also take the summer crew back to Hobart after a very successful summer.

Davis resupply is capable of delivering up to 500 tonne of cargo and 900,000 litres of fuel to station. There are three ways that resupply can be done at Davis, the first is over ice. This is when the ship breaks into the fast ice and the ice is strong enough to support the weight of the trucks which then drive up to the side of the ship and are loaded via the ship's crane. This is by far the most practical and preferred method.

A lot of times the ice isn’t there or the condition of the ice not strong enough and resupply can then be done by fly off and fly on, where helicopters fly the cargo to and from ship. Naturally, the payload of a sling load on a helicopter is not the same as a truck taking a 12 tonne container, so it takes a lot longer.

Finally the last method is over water using barges. This involves the barges being loaded at the ships end and then unloaded at the Davis wharf. All three methods take a lot of planning and coordination but the end result is very satisfying. A lot of care has to be taken in fatigue management as the ship’s crew and expeditioners are expected to work in very cold conditions. But at the end of the day, after months of isolation, all the effort is well worth it when an expeditioner finally gets that fresh piece of fruit.

The ship Aurora Australis stuck in the thick ice during resupply
The Aurora Australis in the fast ice for resupply
(Photo: Bill.DeB)
Unloading cargo from the ship fast in the ice to a waiting truck
Unloading cargo during an over-ice resupply at Davis
(Photo: Bill DeB)
Aerial view of the ship stuck in the fast ice off Davis
Aerial view of the Aurora Australis in the fast ice
(Photo: Bill DeB)
Helicopters sling loading cargo from ship to shore at Davis over open water
Using helicopters for resupply
(Photo: Bill DeB)
A barge on water near the wharf at Davis doing resupply
Resupply at Davis over water using a barge
(Photo: Bill DeB)
A crane on the Davis wharf lifting cargo from a barge
Over-water resupply using the crane at Davis
(Photo: Bill DeB)
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