Are there any Dieso’s on channel?

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This week at Davis: 19 July 2013

It’s been a busy week for Team Dieso. It all started Sunday morning when a radio call came in from Bandits Hut.  'Are there any dieso’s on channel - over?'  It was the station leader. Jason and Mark had gone out to Bandits hut to fix a radio then enjoy some R&R. The dreaded Haggs foiled their plans!!

SL: The Hagg will not go into gear - over

Dieso: Move the selector down into drive - over

SL: It won’t start now or go into gear - over

Dieso:  Check it’s in neutral and the revs are below 1000RPM - over

SL: Still nothing - over

You get the picture.

This went on for a little longer as we walked them through different steps trying to bring life back into the yellow Hagg. The call was made to load up and head out first thing Monday morning.  We already had the blue Hagg packed with all the tools we needed as we had plans of heading to Whoop Whoop first thing in the week to retrieve the two Prinoth snow groomers that were still parked up there from summer.

Monday morning arrived and Aaron and I headed out early to rescue the Station Leader.  (I’m sure we could use this to our advantage)  It was a beautiful morning till the winds picked up!!  When we arrived the weather had turned and it was not going to be a fun fix.

To make a long story short it turned out the Station Leader did not owe us for the rescue. There really was a problem with the Hagg in the electronics to the transmission.  After some scratching of heads we decided it was time to bypass all the electrics and computers so that we could limp the Hagg home.

With Station Leader home safe it was time for Team Dieso to head to Whoop Whoop to retrieve the groomers.  We spent four days up on the plateau digging out the gear again in weather not fit for a brown dog!!  We had to spend one of the days confined to the hut as Antarctica showed us just what she was made of!  After the hut had stopped moving the weather cleared and we were lucky to witness two incredible clear AND sunny days!!! All in all a successful week for the dieso team here at Davis.

Patrick D
The blue and yellow Hagglunds parked close to each other with the frozen fjord in the background
Blue Hagg to the rescue
(Photo: Patrick Davey)
The yellow and blue Hagglunds parked up with Bandits hut to the left of picture and blowing snow to the right
Blue Hagg to the rescue...still
(Photo: Patrick Davey)
A close up of two expeditioners in the front seats of the yellow Hagglund as they cross the land bridge at Pioneer Crossing
Jason and Mark happy to be moving again!
(Photo: Patrick Davey)
The yellow and blue Hagglunds parked on the land bridge with the end of the frozen sea ice of Tryne Fjord in the background
Pioneer crossing on the way home to station
(Photo: Patrick Davey)
The blue Hagg loaded up with equipment and towing a trailer with the portable power supply unit strapped to it while traversing on the frozen sea ice in Tryne Fjord
Hagg Loaded and heading for Whoop Whoop
(Photo: Patrick Davey)
Three expeditioners at Whoop Whoop skiway standing in front of the blue Hagglund with a magnificent Aurora stretching across the sky above
Aurora at Whoop Whoop
(Photo: Patrick Davey)
The night sky at Whoop Whoop filled with bright stars and an awesome Aurora drifting across the huts and with the over snow vehicles in the foreground
Aurora over skiway equipment
(Photo: Patrick Davey)
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