Saturday night dinner

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This week at Davis: 19 April 2013

Saturday evening began with nibbles and a drink in the LQ lounge, as the scene was set for a night of fine dining and entertainment. Rocket (Rodney C), our chef extraordinaire laid down the gauntlet by serving up rib eye fillet steak (500g) with a medley of roast potatoes, pumpkin and mizuna, a man sized eating challenge that much to his surprise saw the shelving of a specially prepared desert for another night. Rocket continually comes up with the goods as he does battle with the Doc on the monthly station weigh ins, the competition only seeing a kilo each way in total station weight since conception. Mothers out there can be assured that Rocket is taking care of their boy’s appetites.

Rodney the chef standing in front of the hot plate cooking the steak for dinner
Rocket on the job
(Photo: Keith D)
A steak dinner with garlic bread, dips and a glass of red wine served on the table
The fruits of Rockets labour
(Photo: Keith D)
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