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This week at Davis: 18 January 2013

Davis Station is located not all that far (in Antarctic terms) from some other international stations. Nearby there is Bharati - the recently completed Indian Antarctic station, Progress - the Russian station and Zhongshan - the Chinese station.

Part of a station leader's responsibilities is to welcome international visitors to Davis and in-turn also visit the other stations and make introductions for the year ahead. There is a true comraderie between stations in the Antarctic and at times the stations rely on each other for assistance.

Having international visitors on station is very enjoyable and it is often a time to see old friends again. On a recent visit by the Chinese to Davis, the station leader was again able to meet up with a Chinese friend he had first meet in 2009 when he visited Zhongshan. The two have been in regular contact since and in fact recently also met in Melbourne. 

Davis has an official post office and our visitors normally can’t wait to attend there to send mail or, most importantly, purchase first release Australian Antarctic stamps although the mail doesn’t get sent until the next ship which could be as long as eight months away.

Chinese expeditioners pose for a photo at Davis
Chinese expeditioners visiting Davis
Chinese and Australian expeditioners exchanging gifts
Mr. Qu Tanzhou, Vice Voyage Leader and Davis Station Leader, Bill
Australian expeditioner with his Chinese friend
Dave caught up with long time Chinese friend Li
The Australian & Indian station leaders together at Bharati
Davis station leader meets his counterpart Dr Aditi Krishnamurthy at Bharati Station
Group of Australian & Russian expeditiners pose for a photo in front of the flag pole
The Director of the AAD, Mr Tony Fleming, at the Russian station…
Australian & Chinese station leaders pose for a photo at Zhongshan
Davis Station leader meets his Chinese counterpart Zhang Beichen at Zhongshan
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