Riviera of the south

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This week at Davis: 15 February 2013

Davis is renowned for its ability to lull you into a false sense of security. It can certainly turn on a brilliant display of crystal clear blue skies and windless days. You know, the type of weather that sees you dangling your feet in the water over the side of a tinny with a fishing line in hand and no expectation of even catching anything. Just daydreaming is about all you can handle anyway. 

IRB out on the water checking the fuel line on a perfect day
How good is my office?
(Photo: Colin)
Barge going back out to the ship for another container
Back for another load
(Photo: Colin)
Looking out over the water with the yellow Pineapple shaped hut in the forground.
Pineapple Hut
(Photo: Colin)
The Aurora Australis 2km off station on a clear sunny day at resupply.
Aurora Australis
(Photo: Colin)
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