Davis blizz

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This week at Davis: 14 June 2013

Weather-wise, we have been pretty spoiled here at Davis station with lots of calm, sunny days. For sure we have had, and will still get, cooler days such as last week where the temperatures were dropping down to -38°C but with winds keeping under 10kts the wind chill has been workable. That changed over the weekend when we had our 3rd blizz for the season which included some blowing snow and gusts maxing up to 82kts. Along with this, the air temp was actually quite balmy for this time of year, reaching up to the -6°C mark. This blizz could possibly be called a 'boss’s blizz' as it was over a long weekend at that (the winds started Sunday). So, come Tuesday morning the winds were still in the 50s and it wasn’t until towards the middle of the day that things began to settle down again and the usual comfortable weather and climate we had become accustomed to here at Davis resumed. It was then we were able to scope around and view the new blizz-arranged landscape of the station.

Snow covering the walking deck
SMQ back deck with blizz build-up
(Photo: Tim K)
Large mound of snow blown in during the blizz
New blizz tail at the back of the SMQ
(Photo: Tim K)
Snow almost to the top of the walkway handrail
Blizz covering walkway
(Photo: Tim K)
External insulated pipe work covered in snow
Blizz encroaching onto site services
(Photo: Tim K)
Snow mound much higher than the elevated walkway
Wall of blizz at the back of the SMQ
(Photo: Tim K)
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