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This week at Davis: 11 January 2013

Introducing White Alchemy!

This year, as in previous years, has seen the birth of a new rock entity.

For the Davis crew it was the arrival of White Alchemy. The White in the name is self explanatory; we are in the icy South after all! Alchemy is all due to our shifting and “blowing in the wind” ways.

New Year's saw our first official gig with a total of eight members rocking out to tunes like: House of the Rising Sun (Credence Clearwater Revival), Most People I know (Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs) , Crazy (Seal), Crazy little thing (Queen), Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley) Wild Thing (The Troggs) and Way out West (James Rayne).

As the band name suggests, all of our members have varying skills and abilities allowing us to shift the layout of the band to suit the songs that were preformed. There are singing drummers, singing lead guitarists, base playing drummers and even a singing, bongo-playing dancing Doc!

The gig on the whole was an outstanding success and the band will be back for the final time (before the ship sets sail home with the summer band members) with a new line up of musical wonders on what is to be our “mock” Australia Day. Have already had requests for REM’s Nightswimming!

An expeditioner dressed like Angry Anderson but with fake tattoo sleeves
Gavin as Angry Anderson - but we think he has a better…
(Photo: Cath King)
Paul who was the band leader on stage
Paul, the band's maestro
(Photo: Brenda McLear)
Two expeditioners singing in front of a band
The Doc and James hiting the high notes
(Photo: Cath King)
A photo showing the Davis band members on stage
The Davis Band - White Alchemy
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