Hanger rats

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This week at Davis: 6 September 2013

The 17 of us have become great mates over the course of the last ten months or so, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to get the edge over each other, and so competitions on station are always keenly contested. Such was the case for our recent “Hanger Rat” competition.

The rules were simple, take one of the balsa plane models, make it and see who could fly it the furthest within the confines of the green store. Because the balsa planes came pre-cut in a kit, and no sharp tools were required, the opportunity was also used to have a few Friday evening drinks and bbq.

There’s nothing like model aircraft for bringing out the kids in grown men and much fun was had just trying to get the rubber band powered aircraft to fly, let alone in something that resembled a straight line. After many failed attempts and re-jigging of aircraft, and despite a late charge from Keith, it was decided that Jeff had the most consistent aircraft throughout the evening and was crowned Hanger Rat champion for 2013.

Aaron and Tim standing at table constructing balsa aircraft
Aaron and Tim, master craftsman. (They must be, they're both wearing bib…
(Photo: Gavin H-T)
Richard and Simon at table preparing balsa aircraft
Rich and Simon put the finishing touches to their aircraft
(Photo: Gavin H-T)
Doc winding the propeller of balsa aircraft
Doc prepares for take off
(Photo: Gavin H-T)
Two expeditioners prepare to launch their aircraft while a third offers advice
The champ gives Doc a few tips while Mark prepares to launch
(Photo: Gavin H-T)
Gavin in WW2 pilot attire holding painted aircraft
Pity it didn't fly as good as it looked!
(Photo: Jeff R)
Discarded balsa aircraft in bin
Aircraft graveyard
(Photo: Gavin H-T)
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