The Medical facility at Davis

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This week at Davis: 23 August 2013
This month it is my pleasure to give you an overview of the medical facility at Davis.

The current building was dedicated on 7th August 1987 by the Prime Minister of Australia the Right Honourable Mr. R.J.L. Hawke “as part of the Australian Antarctic station rebuilding programme, these facilities will ensure the continued safe and efficient conduct of Australia’s programme in Antarctica“.

The facility's main rooms are the consultation room, treatment room, ward, operating theatre and an attached dental suite. There are spaces in each room dedicated to specific areas e.g. microbiology, haematology, biochemistry, radiology, pharmacy and storage of surgical supplies and sterilisation. The Doctor's donga (bedroom) is 10 meters down the corridor attached by phone and alarm systems, so I’m never far away should action be required.

Doc Mal.

Photo of the dedication plaque mounted on the wall of the building
Station Medical Quarters - or SMQ - dedication plaque
(Photo: Malcolm V)
Photo of inside the doctor’s office
SMQ doctor's office
(Photo: Malcolm V)
Photo of the medical equipment in the surgery
SMQ surgery
(Photo: Malcolm V)
Photo of the two bed ward
SMQ ward
(Photo: Malcolm V)
Photo of the dental chair and associated equipment
SMQ dental suite
(Photo: Malcolm V)
Photo of the Doctor’s laboratory facility and testing equipment
SMQ microbiology lab
(Photo: Malcolm V)
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