Visit to the Sorsdal Glacier

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This week at Davis: 16 August 2013

The Sorsdal Glacier is approximately 11km south of the station and forms the boundary of our operational area. It runs along the edge of the Crooked Fjord with fantastic peaks and cracks all the way along. The colours of the ice change as the light changes with time. Cloud cover makes for a spectacular landscape, good photo opportunities and a great location to go for a quad ride.

Adamson Bay is a little further to the East and on this particular trip we didn’t quite make it into the bay due to all the rafted ice in the fjord. During the summer when the fjord melts out it becomes open water which allows new and old ice to flow in and out of the fjord with the tide. Then comes the winter freeze and the broken ice gets locked in at different heights and levels making traversing a challenge.

Red quad bike parked on the sea ice with the enormous glacier wall in the background
My quad
(Photo: Jason A)
Standing on the sea ice looking east along the glacier edge
Looking towards the plateau
(Photo: Jason A)
The glacier has wrapped itself around a small land mass as it slowly makes it way to the coast
Collision course
(Photo: Jason A)
Quad bikes manoeuvering their way through the rafted ice
Navigating the fjord
(Photo: Jason A)
The face of the glacier where it finally meets the ocean with open water in front of the Glacier
Sorsdal face
(Photo: Jason A)
Four quad bikes on the sea ice with the majestic Sorsdal Glacier in the background
Glacier and quads
(Photo: Jason A)
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