Another Davis blizz

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This week at Davis: 13 September 2013

This weekend saw another of the rare Davis blizzards blowing through, with plenty of snow being dumped all around station. It started out fairly calm on Saturday, but all day Sunday through to Monday night saw average wind speeds of 54 knots (100km/hr) with a maximum gust of 83 knots (154km/hr). As you can expect, this kept most people indoors for the weekend providing a great excuse to catch up on some TV/ movies, organizing pictures or just sitting around chatting.

At certain times though, some expeditioners are required to get out to the other buildings and take observations, e.g. Team Dieso and the Bureau of Meteorology guys. Just a simple task of getting from one building to another can be difficult and time consuming due to the high winds, blowing snow and very low visibility during a blizz.

Once the blizz settles, it’s time to start clearing snow from the doors, decks and roads. This is mostly done with machinery, but there are times when the surgical precision of a shovel is required.

The stations communication satellite dome and operations building in poor weather conditions
ANARESAT dome and OPS during tail end of blizz
(Photo: Mark K)
Foot prints going up and over the massive pile of snow in front of the living quarters
The mountain in front of the living quarters deck
(Photo: Rich Y)
Snow piled up on the living quarters front deck after the blizzard
LQ deck with blizz
(Photo: Mark K)
Dr Malcolm digging the snow away from the back door with a shovel
Doc Mal digging out cold porch door
(Photo: Rich Y)
The mountain of snow dumped on the back landing that covered the door completely
Station Medical Quarters deck buried
(Photo: Rich Y)
The back deck completely buried under the snow
Alternate view of the SMQ deck
(Photo: Rich Y)
The station excavator being used to clear away the snow from the building
Tim pulling the snow away from the buildings
(Photo: Rich Y)
One of the station loaders moving snow away from the buildings
Jeff taking the snow away
(Photo: Rich Y)
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