Trip to Platcha Hut

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This week at Davis: 11 October 2013

Some months back there was a trip to Platcha Hut on a clean and maintenance trip. The scenery was just awesome.

Scenery photo of the Ingrid Christensen coast line
Ingrid Christensen Coast
(Photo: Rodney C)
Scenery shot of the lakes with mountains in the distance
Lake Bisemoye, Mt Stalker & Parker Hill
(Photo: Rodney C)
Scenery photo of Long Fjord from the hill behind Platcha Hut
Long Fjord
(Photo: Rodney C)
Photo of Platcha Hut from the hill behind the hut
Platcha Hut
(Photo: Rodney C)
A snow covered hill
Snow covered hill
(Photo: Rodney C)
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