Accessories for Seals

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This week at Davis: 9 March 2012

And so it came to be that another week had flown by at The Riviera of the South with so many achievements and goings on. The now cooler and shorter, but sunny, days are aiding in these happenings, but serving as a gentle reminder of the summer season drawing to a close.

Firstly this week, a big pat on the back and a gold star for our team of sealers – Clive, Bonny and Marine. Their program has now reached the grand total of 25 elephant seals pimped and now sporting bling in the form of tags and fashionable trackers, sure to be the envy of all other seals.

Elephant seal with CTD on head.
Looking Good
(Photo: Darryl Seidel)
Elephant seal with tracker.
‘Trackers are in this season’
(Photo: Darryl Seidel)
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