Midwinter dinner

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This week at Davis: 29 June 2012

Late afternoon saw us gather for photographs and champagne then sit to begin the formal part of the day.

We started with a toast to Her Majesty and ended with a toast to ourselves! In between some poetry and prose, plus pages and pages of excuses!

Davis Midwinter Dinner 2012. A shot of the table with all the guests around it
Davis midwinter dinner 2012
(Photo: Darryl Seidel - Station Photographer)
Station leader's address at Davis midwinter dinner 2012
Station leader's address
(Photo: Greg Wilson)
Mel Ho and Linc Mainsbridge pose at dinner table during Davis midwinter dinner 2012
Mel and Linc
(Photo: Mel Ho)
Brigid recites 'The Man from Ironbark'
Brigid recites 'The Man from Ironbark'
(Photo: Mel Ho)
Steph MacDonald and Mark Coade at Davis 2012 posing in finery
A rare smile from Coade (with Steph)
(Photo: Stephanie MacDonald)
Jan Wallace at Davis 2012 reading a story at dinner
Jan tells us about Archie, one of Mawson's men
(Photo: Greg Wilson)
Boutique beers brewed especially for midwinter in a line with their brewer
The brewer and boutique beers for sampling
(Photo: Stephanie MacDonald)
Mark Baker and Cathie Young at Davis midwinter dinner 2012
Cathie and Mark
(Photo: Mel Ho)
Emily Eaton (cardboard cut-out) at Davis midwinter dinner 2012
Emily in her finest
(Photo: Jan Wallace)
Joe Glacken and Timo Viehl at Davis midwinter dinner 2012
Joe and Timo
(Photo: Jan Wallace)
Chris Hill and Scott Beardsley at Davis midwinter dinner 2012
Chris and Scotty
(Photo: Jan Wallace)
Davis midwinter table during dinner 2012
View of our spread
(Photo: Jan Wallace)
Margarine penguin at Davis midwinter dinner 2012
Steves creation. Marge the Adelie penguin (made of margarine)
(Photo: Steph MacDonald)
Davis midwinter dinner 2012 with people in kitchen preparing one of the courses
Just one of the many delicious courses
(Photo: Nick Chang)
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