Cast on

This week at Davis: 27 April 2012

One might comment that this winter there are an unusually large number of knitters on station and a wide variety of items being produced as a result (from car covers to socks). However there is one person who has ‘cast-on’ in quite a different fashion.

Our BSS Steve took a tumble and in the process broke two bones in his ankle and is now lording it up at his day time residence in the new LQ.

We all had designs on watching as the sun slowly went down but surely spent less and less time above the horizon in front of the station - now Steve has the best vantage point to watch this happen! 

Steve Edwards at Davis 2012 with cast propped up
Steve's new office
(Photo: Steph MacDonald)
Steve Edwards at Davis 2012
Can't keep a good man down - or off the computer
(Photo: Steph MacDonald)
Steve Edwards broken ankle at Davis 2012
Plaster - just a blank canvas asking for it really!
(Photo: Steph MacDonald)
Knitting at Davis 2012
Davis knitting circle with honorary member
(Photo: Steph MacDonald)