Trip south - the wonderful wildlife

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This week at Davis: 21 December 2012

The trip south to Davis on the Aurora Australis this year was relatively smooth, by Southern Ocean standards, with great weather for photography. For one expeditioner (nickname: Horse and a photography tragic) the trip presented an opportunity of a life time. The wildlife that followed the ship was outstanding, especially the birds. Royal, wandering, black-browed and sooty albatross along with Antarctic, cape, giant and snow petrels. This week's edition of the station news highlights some of Horse’s favourite photographs of the journey.

A black-browed Albatross in full flight
Black-browed albatross
(Photo: Horse)
Royal albatross skimming the water as it flies over
Royal albatross
(Photo: Horse)
A giant southern petrel following the ship
Giant petrel
(Photo: Horse)
A beautiful sooty albatross folloiwng the ship
Sooty albatross
(Photo: Horse)
A photo showing the size difference between the large giant southern petrel and the much smaller snow petrel
A giant southern petrel and a snow petrel
(Photo: Horse)
A Snow petrel in full flight floowing the ship
Snow petrel
(Photo: Horse)
An Antarctic petrel just of the ships side
Antarctic petrel
(Photo: Horse)
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