Mexican Banquet

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This week at Davis: 2 March 2012

On Saturday 18th Feb we were lucky enough to be treated to a Mexican feast followed by a birthday celebration for BOM observer Stephanie MacDonald.

The evening started with cocktails made by Lucas Koleits and Ben Thomas with the kind donation of a bottle of tequila from Adam Christensen.

The food. Where do I start on the amazing food?! Brent Dennett led the kitchen team with preparing the feast and it did not disappoint. We started with nachos followed by tacos and then enchiladas and there was plenty to go around (the leftovers the next day were just as good).

As it was Steph’s birthday, she chose for dessert lemon meringue pie and Brigid yet again impressed with her culinary skills.

After dinner we headed upstairs to the traditional piñata that was lovingly made throughout the week before. The layers of papier-mâché and the beautiful paint job made it very unique, and the home made toffee and chocolate crackles made by Brigid and Karen were a hit. Unfortunately the piñata only lasted one hit from the birthday girl before falling to the ground and exploding but it was worth the effort and lots of fun.

All in all, the night was yet another successful event put together by the many talented people on Davis Station and a big thanks go to everyone involved for making it a wonderful night, and a huge Happy Birthday to Steph who had a night to remember.

The beginning of the piñata with people and a ball of  papier mache
The beginning of the piñata
(Photo: Louise Carroll)
Painting the piñata
Painting the piñata
(Photo: Stephanie MacDonald)
Ladies enjoying a glass of Moet for Steph’s birthday
Enjoying a glass of Moet for Steph’s birthday
(Photo: Jan Wallace)
The Mexican Fiesta menu board with cactus, map and sombrero crafts
The Mexican Fiesta menu board
(Photo: Jan Wallace)
Group of expeditioners at Mexican theme party featuring people dressed in ponchos and sombreros
Birthday girl with some of the local Mexicans
(Photo: Jacki Reid)
Marzipan penguin made by Martin Hess holding a Happy Birthday Steph sign
Birthday penguin made by Martin Hess
(Photo: Jan Wallace)
Davis Mexican theme night piñata on the floor with sweets spilling out
The end of the piñata
(Photo: Jacki Reid)
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