What's for dinner?

This week at Davis: 13 July 2012

This is a phrase I’m sure the chef hears every day. I know I’ve heard it when being on 'slushy' (kitchen hand) for the day. The chefs that venture south are a very hard working group of people. Day in, day out, they are there to provide food and eatable morale to us all. They seem to never complain and go about their work with genuine contribution to the community. Brigid is the chef at Davis this year and I had a talk to her to see how she felt about working down south.

BRIGID: "It’s totally different working in a small community. I didn’t realize the station here would be so industrial, but the view out the window as I work is truly amazing. The hours are long and besides the cooking there is the managing of the food, so we don’t run out of things. Sometimes we do run short and have to use other ingredients to make things work. Other food is of A-grade quality and is a pleasure to cook.

I didn’t realize I would miss home, family and friends so much, but I know I will be home soon.

On the whole the experience down here has been very rewarding so far."

"Thanks Brigid and keep up the good work." - The hungry people of Davis.

P.S. More bacon!

Mark Coade 

Brigid Dwyer in kitchen at Davis 2012
Brigid making bread
(Photo: Mark Coade)
Davis kitchen 2012
The Davis kitchen
(Photo: Mark Coade)
Mel Ho as slushy Davis 2012
'Slushy' Mel is kitchen hand for the day
(Photo: Mark Coade)
The Davis mess 2012
The Davis mess
(Photo: Mark Coade)