Winter trip to Deep Lake

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This week at Davis: 13 July 2012

With the arrival of another month, Joe made the mandatory trip to Deep Lake to take measurements. He was accompanied on this trip by Linc, Angry and Tom.

They parked the Hägglund on the snow after leaving the sea ice near Brooke Hut and made their way on foot to the lake, which looked both stark and stunning surrounded by hills mantled in snow.

Blue Hagglund at Davis 2012
Leaving the Hagglund on the snow
(Photo: Rob 'Angry' Cullen)
Travelling on foot to Deep Lake
Tom, Joe and Linc on ice
(Photo: Rob 'Angry' Cullen)
At Deep lake Davis 2012
Down to the lake
(Photo: Rob 'Angry' Cullen)
Reading the depth gauge at Deep Lake
Reading the gauge in the lake
(Photo: Rob 'Angry' Cullen)
At Deep lake Davie 2012
(Photo: Rob 'Angry' Cullen)
Walking back to the vehicle from Deep Lake
Back up the hill
(Photo: Rob 'Angry' Cullen)
Linc with hand on Hagglund
Hand-brake on
(Photo: Rob 'Angry' Cullen)