Doc's Dozen with Scott Beardsley

This week at Davis: 13 July 2012

Scott Beardsley - Plumber / Fire team / SAR team

Scott, how many trips have you done to Antarctica, and what keeps you coming back?

This is my second trip after I summered at Casey last year. People might think that I came back for the free beer and bacon but it was really to drive the big machines and spend the winter pushing snow around. (...hang on Scotty, aren’t you supposed to be a plumber?)

What is it like actually doing plumbing work here at Davis?

It’s good being part of a close knit team. We have a lot of fun.

If not a plumber, what job would you do Scott?

I would like to be a roadie again. In 2009/10 I worked as a roadie for a lot of touring international artists and that was a lot of fun.

Best gig as a plumber?

Being Mr Plow. (I don’t hear about a lot of actual plumbing work being done Scotty)

What has been your best Antarctic experience?

Riding quads around icebergs, at regulation distance of course.

What do you love about Antarctica?

The remoteness, no mobile phones. Also the challenges of the job, if something breaks or you need something that we don’t have, you just can’t go down the street to the local plumbing supplier and buy one.

Who inspires you?

My father. If I could be half the tradesman he is I would be very happy.

If you were granted one wish, what would it be?

To work down here with my wife.

Scott, what have you learned living in our little Davis community?

Tolerance. If you have an issue, tell someone.

How are you going in the footy tipping and who is your main competitor?

Steph is my closest rival, we are doing really well for the wooden spoon.

How do you work out which plumber has the job of collecting the monthly poo sample that I analyse?

I just send Ferret.

What is your vote for the best batch that our Brew Master has produced this year?

I like them all. (Wise words!)

What kind of car are you Scotty?

I’d rather be a motorcycle, a BMW S1000RR and then I would lose my license in first gear. (What is it with boys and the need for speed?)

What is in store for you when you return home Scott?

Lots of hugs, kisses and puzzles with my girls Dana, George and Alex.

Thank you Mr Plow. Now if you could just fix that blizz tail between the surgery and the Green store that would be great!

Scott Beardsley at Davis 2012 smiling during midwinter dinner
Scott at midwinter dinner
(Photo: Jan Wallace)
Scott Beardsley at Davis 2012 in suit
Scott looking Dapper
(Photo: Jan Wallace)
Scott Beardsley at Davis 2012 rolling a large chunk of ice or snow
Mr Plough
(Photo: Greg Wilson)
Scott Beardsley as Clyde at the Murder Mystery night at Davis 2012
'Clyde' at the Murder Mystery night
(Photo: Darryl Seidel)