Isolation of the south

This week at Davis: 13 July 2012

Antarctica: it’s hard to put into words what makes this place.

The scenery, the weather, people’s attitudes, personalities, feelings and habits all contribute to this place.

A friend of mine passed away a couple of weeks ago and you realize how far away from home you are.

This is the one thing we all share when we are down in this cold place, whether it is Mawson and his expeditioners or the twenty one of us here at Davis: the isolation of being away from home, family and loved ones.

At home I would tell my children if people didn’t commit to leaving home to work and discover, life’s progress would stop. We wouldn’t know the world was round and that there were other countries, people, culture and animals. People have had to sacrifice home life in order that the world continues to learn.

So congratulations to all my fellow expeditioners around the Antarctic and all the expeditioners before us.

We have all experienced the loneliness and isolation together, a bond that will never be felt anywhere like this again.

To Robert, my friend, may you rest in peace.

Davis 2012
(Photo: From Station Folder)
Sea ice forming at Davis 2012
Sea ice forming
(Photo: From Station Folder)
Satellite dome at Davis 2012
Only contact home is the satellite
(Photo: From Station Folder)
Aurora at Davis 2012
Aurora australis
(Photo: From Station Folder)
Snow on deck at Davis 2012
After snowfall
(Photo: From Station Folder)
Weddell seals at Davis 2012
Weddell seals at Davis
(Photo: From Station Folder)
Sun on horizon at Davis 2012
The last of the sun
(Photo: From Station Folder)
Last rays of the sun at Davis 2012
The sun disappears
(Photo: From Station Folder)