Kiss the Fish

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This week at Davis: 9 December 2011

Davis Station Band 2011

Davis Station is looking set to rock out this year, with formation of Station band 'Kiss The Fish'

Under the tutelage of experienced muso Darryl 'Ferret' Seidel, practice is well underway for a New Years Eve debut.

Practice is being held at the old met building, with the wise words 'Band Practice – Dress Warm' up on the public notice board.

The line up for 'Kiss The Fish':

  • Vocals - Theo 'Wild Thing' Davies
  • Lead Guitar – Darryl 'Ferret' Seidel
  • Drums - 'Saint' Nick Chang
  • Bass Guitar - Perry 'Figjam' Anderson
  • Keyboard - Louise 'Christmas' Carroll
  • Guitar - 'Smokin' Joe Glacken
  • Vocals and Bass Guitar – Steph 'Happy Meal' MacDonald
  • Roadie - Jacki 'Speed' Reid

With this extremely talented bunch of individuals, the night life at Davis this year is bound to be unforgettable. With a repertoire of anything up to 5 songs at the moment, I'm sure 'Kiss The Fish' will have a cult following by the end of season.

Till then 'Rock On'.

Rick Oates, Carpenter Davis 2011-12

The band, Kiss the Fish, have a practise
Kiss the Fish - one way to keep warm.
(Photo: Rick Oates)
Band practise - drummer 'Saint' Nick Chang and bass player Perry 'Figjam' Andersen.
Drummer 'Saint' Nick Chang and bass player Perry 'Figjam' Andersen.
(Photo: Rick Oates)
Band practise - Darryl, Theo, Louise, Nick, Perry, Joe and Jacki.
A new use for the old balloon release hut. From left to…
(Photo: Rick Oates)
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