Old, New and Unusual

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This week at Davis: 7 October 2011
For the past few weeks we have been going on a bit about the new Living Quarters at Davis, so this week we will give you a break and revisit some of the older and more unusual buildings around station.

Over the past five years Davis has undergone a major infrastructure upgrade and several new buildings have come about as the result of this. Accommodation has been upgraded with SAM  (Summer Accommodation Module) and TAD (Temporary Accommodation Dwelling) coming online. TAD is made up of containers that have been fitted out and bolted together to make 12 rooms, while SAM (38 rooms) is made of 40 foot shipping containers that have been clad and lined so that it is hard to realise that the comfy rooms were in fact once containers. Using shipping containers again, buildings like the Field Store, Science Marshalling Area and the start of the new boatshed have been constructed in a busy few years for the trades team and a huge change for the station.

With all this work there have been a lot of old buildings removed and still some to go or to be moved, given a new life and put to a new use. Five years ago the station had a big accommodation problem. Old, manky and crowded outbuildings for bedrooms and not enough water to keep the station going without water restrictions being imposed all year round were all the station had to offer. Today the new infrastructure and a reverse osmosis desalination plant producing water have changed this and the station is now in good shape to accommodate the needs of the Antarctic program for some time to come.

A wander around station will reveal a mixture of old, new and strange buildings that have been captured in the following photos. 

Davis LQ
The New LQ
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Newish... SAM
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Moved and Remodeled.... TAD
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Old Library.
The old Library , destined for a new use.
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Old LQ link
The link to the old Living Quarters (LQ)
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Early accommodation block.
An early old station accommodation building (circa 1960)
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Old Met Building
The original Met Building, now a band practice hut.
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Current Met building
The current Met Building
(Photo: Graham Cook)
The AVHRRR Dome. Sounds like pirate talk ARRRR...
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Met Ob dome
A fancy dunny with aurora observation dome. No not really, it is…
(Photo: Graham Cook)
The ANARESAT golf ball houses our communications satellite.
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Warren Incinerator building
The incinerator building lovingly known as Warren , with paint blasted by…
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Davis Pineapple
No prize for knowing why we call this the pineapple. Soon to…
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Flammable liquids building
Colourful but dangerous, this one houses paint, flammable liquids and hazardous chemicals.
(Photo: Graham Cook)
Old band Hut
This one has been around for a long time and has had…
(Photo: Graham Cook)
RMU building
No it's not Dr Who's Tardis. This is a RMU (Ring Mains…
(Photo: Graham Cook)
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