New EVS (Emergency Vehicle Shelter) Mezzanine

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This week at Davis: 5 August 2011

Ok everyone, seen here for the first time our new mezzanine in the EVS. Now don’t get too excited just yet! I know it looks great but there is still a little bit of fine tuning to be done; before it can be signed off.

With a slight change of plans delaying the start a little bit, Rick and Cliff did a great job to erect another mezzanine floor. To be fair they had some help from the boys in comms, (thank you Doug and Craig). The science team also wanted a piece of the action and Dave Crazy Tulloh gave Rick a hand when Cliff was slushy. Fridgy Dave also helped out.

First a temporary EVS in the green store had to be set up. Then all the steel was dug out from under a few tons of snow. There’s some steel still missing… we hope it’ll turn up after the summer melt.

Finally they could start erecting steel. Progress was very good from then on,without too many hic-cups, (apart from Cliff slipping on some ice).

Once the hi-fog system is installed along with a few lights the fire hagg and all the SAR equipment can be moved back in. All that needs to be done after that is to work out what’s going to be stored up on the mezzanine.

Any suggestions!!!

Davis EVS Mezzanine
ah, what can we fill this space with
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
Davis EVS Mezzanine
Crazy Dave trying to tell Rick how to put the stairs up.
(Photo: Clidd Simpson Davis)
hard at work
.. hard at work again (thats twice this year).
Davis EVS mezz stairs
stairway tooo...
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
Rick Besso
is that round the right way, Rick
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
Rick Besso at work
... watch what you are doing , Rick
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
Doug McVeigh
watch your step Dougie
(Photo: Cliff Simpson Davis)
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