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This week at Davis: 30 September 2011

This week in the land of Spanners and Oil sees us carrying out some unexpected maintenance to 'Number Three' engine in the Main Powerhouse.

Recently we had been finding traces of oil in the cooling system and an oil weep from between the cylinder head and engine block indicating an issue with the head gasket. So to properly diagnose and repair the engine, it was time for the head to come off!

To start with, all of the station was notified that we were carrying out some repairs to an engine and be even more mindful than usual of their individual power consumption. We have four identical engines up in the Powerhouse and generally have three engines running with one as a reserve but sometimes, if there is a lot of power being used over the station, all four engines can run simultaneously to provide the required power. That was something we didn't want while carrying out this job.

With typical enthusiasm and bravado, Rob and I isolated the Number Three engine from the system and began dismantling. It didn't take long to isolate the cause of the problem, a small fracture in an oil gallery seal between the head and block. While the head was off we took the chance to re-lap the valves and give every component a thorough clean. With all new gaskets and seals fitted to the engine the head was carefully refitted and tensioned into place. The radiator was removed and all traces of sludge cleaned out and re-filled with fresh coolant.

Much to Brad's surprise the engine fired up and settled at 1500 rpm straight away. The usual engine vitals were checked and once given the all clear, it was put back online with the other three engines to allow everyone to go back to their lavish power usage and creature comforts of home.

Another success for the Diesos at Davis, the land of Milk and Honey!

by the Diesos

Davis diesos at work
So much tension in this job.
Davis diesos
Focused on the task at hand.
Rob Deerson and Corey Brazendale
All smiles when successfully completed.
Davis Powerhouse
Davis Powerhouse
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