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This week at Davis: 25 November 2011

We have all been very busy here at Davis station as we settle into the routine of work during the Antarctic summer. The tradies have been working hard building a new boat shed, tearing up the workshop floor, setting up a hobby hut and beginning work on the wharf earlier this week.

Science at Davis is well and truly on the move, with our penguin experts investigating different penguin colonies around the station, trying to find which are suitable for further study. The LIDAR physicists have been getting some solid results due to the wonderful clear weather we have been experiencing the past few days. The marine science team has been working away drilling in the sea ice and filling the aquarium with seawater.

The Prince Charles Mountains field team has been frantically packing and sorting through a mountain of rations in between getting trained in preparation for their rapidly approaching deployment in the field.

Despite all this activity, many of our expeditioners are still in awe of the environment around us, and there have been plenty of recreational walks and activities happening in between work hours. There have been plenty of walks across the sea ice to some of the islands with penguin colonies. Some have been lucky enough to experience Twin Otter and helicopter flights around the ice shelf and the Vestfold Hills, while others have travelled out to the Sørsdal glacier in Häggs.

All these outings have been blessed with wonderful weather, but we had been warned by Met that a blizzard might be just around the corner. We didn’t quite get a blizzard, but it has been windy and grey for the past couple of days.

Adelie penguin at Davis
Receiving the once over from the locals.
(Photo: Lucas Koleits)
Scientists at Davis drilling sea ice to get sea water to fill aquarium
Seaice drilling for Aquarium preparations
(Photo: Cassandra Price)
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