A story of rags to riches: a Davis makeover

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This week at Davis: 2 September 2011
What happens when you decide to turn a plant room and chocolate store into a freezer room? One has to wonder but it all boils down to quite a bit of work and that’s an understatement!

This season at Davis we are trying to eliminate the need for a refrigerated shipping container to store frozen foods. Because the existing freezer in the green store is undersized and attached to a plant room and chocolate store it was decided to combine the three into one large freezer. The walls of the plant room were insulated along with the choc store so it seemed like a good idea.

Then the work began. The demolition job revealed a few surprises with the existing internal walls buried 400 mm into the concrete, but not to be deterred, with the true Antarctic spirit in mind, we pushed on. Thankfully a few of us helped out with the almost 150 patches and reinsulating to prepare for the final paint job. With the painting finished and floor plates in place we are ready to put the new shelving in and commission the new refrigeration units.

Tony Bojkovski pulling materials of a  wall.
Boj at his demolition best
Craig Ingrames inside a grey room pulinh up flooring.
Craig helping out
Cliff Davis using a jackhammer to break up a cement floor.
Cliff doing the dirty... work
The inside of the fridge stripped back to bare walls.
Half way there
The seams in the walls of the fridge puttied and looking cleaner.
Things improving a bit
Dave Hawley painting
Another posed shot of Fridgy Dave at work , adding a coat…
Tony Bojkovski kneeling down laying flooring.
Boj, gets his hands dirty.
Davis Green store refrigeration.
The end result
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