Outdoor search and rescue training begins

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This week at Davis: 4 February 2011

This week, members of the wintering search and rescue team began their outdoor training sessions, under the watchful eye of Field Training Officers Nick Morgan & James Wake. Skills included general rope safety, access and rescue techniques on snow, ice & rock terrains.

Expeditioners using ropes to hoist person up ice cliff.
SAR members training in the assisted hoist technique.
(Photo: Shane Mitchell)
Expeditioner climbing ice cliff with pick
SAR member Jimbo Dunnett hammering home an ice pick placement on steep…
(Photo: Shane Mitchell)
Expeditioners in search and rescue gear gathering on rocky slope.
Some of the SAR team gearing up on the rocks.
(Photo: Shane Mitchell)
Expeditioner ice climbing
SAR member Shane Mitchell ice climbing.
(Photo: Shane Mitchell)
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