Field Travel Training

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This week at Davis: 28 January 2011

Part of the expeditioners' training for their time in Antarctica involves Field Travel Training. Most of the wintering crew’s expeditioners have now completed this training involving navigation and travelling in difficult terrain as well as camping out in the field.

While some loved the opportunity to spend time in the field off their regular work, others were very happy to return to the station after some quite demanding hikes.

Expeditioners on Field Travel Training
Expeditioners on Field Travel Training.
(Photo: Timo V)
Expeditioners crossing a melting river during Field Travel Training
Field Training Officer James W. and expeditioner Timo V. crossing a melting…
(Photo: Doug McV)
Setting up Polar Pyramids to camp at the edge of the plateau
Setting up Polar Pyramids to camp at the edge of the plateau.
(Photo: Timo V)
Expeditioner demonstrates correct techniques with the ice axe
Ascending iced slopes requires the correct techniques with the ice axe.
(Photo: Timo V)
Orienteering march in the Vestfold Hills.
Orienteering marches in the Vestfold Hills. Loved by some, hated by others.
(Photo: Timo V)
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