Boating operations

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This week at Davis: 28 January 2011

The week started with a new view at Davis this season: The sea ice broke up and strong winds blew the ice floes away from the station. Also, a new elephant seal was seen on the shore on Australia Day.

The boating crew used the opportunity to activate the IRBs (inflatable rubber boats) and our penguin biologists took advantage of the boating crew familiarisation trip to hitch a ride out to Gardner and Magnetic Islands. They downloaded data from some “spy cameras” which are positioned on the islands to automatically take photographs of the Adélie penguin colonies. More good news is that the Summer Snorkeling program has commenced with the marine biologists a.k.a. “Snorkeling Girls” getting out and investigating the wildlife in the waters around Davis.
Inflatable boat on water and elephant seal on beach.
The sea ice has finally disappeared in the vicinity of Davis. An…
(Photo: Shane M.)
Inflatable boat cruising past ice bergs
Nick M. and John “Snake” V.d.H. during this season’s first boat cruise.…
(Photo: Charmaine A.)
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