A trip to lands end

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This week at Davis: 20 May 2011

Plant Inspector Brad Collins and Justin (Ramsay) Chambers headed off for a gander at life in the Tryne area. Riding the quads to Bandits Hut we stopped for a spell along the way at the Rookery apple for a cup of coffee and watched the snow settle on the desolate landscape.

From here we made a beeline straight for the hut through Iceberg Alley. Life in the hut that night was the usual even with just the two of us. Talk was rife with politics, policy, methods for improving the efficiency of Davis station, ways of cutting the budget and of how things are much better than they used to be. A game of chess, a bottle of wine, and it was lights out. Awakening in the morning... um 10ish with just the hint of light outside, our fellow explorers (B2 and Kerry) arrived to help us find our way to lands end.

Meanwhile, after staying back to watch or play darts against Mawson, Kerry Steinberner and Brian McKechnie 'quaded' up to Bandits Hut to meet up with Justin and Brad on the Saturday morning. After an early start and quick ride to rendezvous, the four rode off to see a new spectacle, the edge of the map (the edge of the Davis recreational operating zone)!

Journeying to the north of Bandits, the crew took time to drill for ice depths to establish validity of taking Haggs up again in the future. With the data recorded there was little left to do but enjoy the view at the edge. Coming to the precipice one expeditioner was struck by the quote "If you stare into the abyss long enough the abyss stares back at you."

Not actually knowing what that means, he then proceeded to slip and nearly fell over the edge (see photo 3). There was much rejoicing. After the night at Bandits, Kerry and Brian returned to Davis leaving Brad and Justin to trek on to Platcha.

Tryne Bay
Tryne Bay
(Photo: Justin Chambers)
Quads on sea Ice
Out for a ride.
(Photo: Justin Chambers)
Brian McKechnie Wyatt Earp area.
Brian at the Edge
(Photo: Justin Chambers)
View from Wyatt Earp Island
view from Wyatt Earp Is.
(Photo: Brian McKechnie)
Justin Chambers drilling ice.
Justin Drilling
(Photo: Brian McKechnie)
Out on Quads
Brad and Kerry on Quads
(Photo: Justin Chambers)
Platcha Hut
(Photo: Justin Chambers)
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