104 km Walk - Day One

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This week at Davis: 11 February 2011

On Australia Day a group of Tradies (Jeff Hammer, Adrian Duggan, Andrew Ballinger, Luke Doherty, Corey McKerrow, Paul (Skua) Farrow) left Davis Station for a long and yet enjoyable 104 kilometre trek into the Antarctic wilderness, expecting to take on polar bears and superman, but finding only irate skuas ready to attack Paul at any moment.

Day One

We left station at 11.00 am and headed to Tarbuck Crag. It was a glorious morning for walking - not a cloud in the sky and a light zephyr at our back. After checking the water in the batteries for the repeaters atop Tarbuck Crag we moved on towards Brookes Hut. We dined on a small selection of de-hydrated meals and decided to cover some more ground.

We trekked to Lied Bluff and were privy to a wonderful Antarctic sunset of sorts. All-up we covered 19.5 kilometres in nine hours on our first day.

(all images taken by the Team)

Team photo
The Team all ready before leaving station.
Rocky landscape with distant ice
The view from Tarbuck Crag.
Expeditioner checking batteries on summit with glacier in background..
Andy checking the batteries.
Rocky landscape with icebergs in background
Lied Bluff View.
Expeditioner walking on icy beach
On the way to Lied Bluff.
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