Davis movies

Take an armchair trip down to Davis and experience the station in different moods with the help of some QuickTime movies.

The wintering LIDAR physicist at Davis this year, Joseph Zagari, has taken the following movies with his time-lapse camera and will be taking more through the year. So be sure to re-visit this page as new clips will be published from time to time.

Resupply at Davis December 2004

This movie was taken of the Aurora Australis breaking through the sea-ice just before the annual 2004–05 resupply in December 2004. It was taken over a 3 hour period.

Download QuickTime movie [2.2 MB]

Winter photos

The auroral activity is particularly spectacular at Davis Station as you will see when you download the following QuickTime movies.

  • The first movie shows a wonderful auroral display with the LIDAR beam in the foreground. Download movie [556 KB]
  • This second movie depicts the first hour of a very bright auroral flare captured one night with an almost full moon, so the sky is quite bright. Download movie [296 KB]
  • This last movie in the series is taken during the final hour of the auroral activity on the same night. Download movie [278 KB]

Polar stratospheric clouds seen over Anchorage Island.The sun is below the horizon throughout the movie. You can see how bright the sky becomes over the day even though it is only twilight. Download movie [799 KB]

This series of short movies was taken at intervals over one day in early July. As this is the middle of winter, the rim of the sun appears only fleetingly. You can see people moving around in the foreground around the emergency vehicle shelter (EVS).

Sea ice and icebergs

Disappearing sea ice around Davis Antarctica is the site of one of the most dramatic phenomena on the planet: the annual appearance and disappearance of the sea ice. See this for yourself and download QuickTime movie [525 KB]

Ice bergs near Davis

Many people do not realise the extent to which icebergs move around.

This movie of icerbergs moving around the station at Davis was filmed over a 24 hour period. If you look carefully, you can see people moving to and fro across the sea ice. Download QuickTime [997 KB]

A smaller version is also available. Download QuickTime movie [528 KB]

Disappearance of the sea ice

The freeze-thaw cycle of the sea ice around Antarctica is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena on the planet. Throughout the year, sea ice surrounds the entire Antarctic coastline, which totals 23,358 kilometers. In winter, when the sea ice reaches its maximum extent, an additional 20,000,000 square kilometer band of pack ice surrounds the continent. During the warmer summer months, this diminishes to about 4,000,000 square kilometers. For more information on sea ice, see Amazing Antarctica.

Joseph Zagari has taken this sequence of small movies of the annual disappearing of the sea ice around Davis duiring the 2004-05 summer.

More iceberg movies

Movement of the sun

Midnight sun over icebergs

At the height of summer the sun does not set in Antarctica but moves across the horizon in a quite spectacular display. Download QuickTime movie [496 KB]

You can see some more video clips as well as other Antarctic sights on our Virtual Antarctica pages and on the Casey web pages.

This page was last modified on 5 March 2004.