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Sunset over sea ice, icebergs in background
Sunset over sea ice near Davis (Photo: B. Weinecke)
Midnight sun over sea and coastal area near DavisMirror-like sea off Davis coast, station buildings in backgroundSnow blowing around buildings

Davis has a relatively mild climate and is known as the 'Riviera of the South'.

Despite the fact that it is at higher latitude than Casey or Mawson, the rock of the Vestfold Hills moderates the local climate. From an extreme maximum in summer of +13°C, the winter temperature reaches ‑40°C.

In the Davis summer, the sun stays above the horizon for most of December and January and in winter it stays below the horizon for about two months from early June. During the winter, the 'day' is made up of one to two hours of twilight.

Being distant from the continental ice sheet and away from the katabatic wind, Davis has an average yearly wind speed of around 20 km/h.

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