This week at Casey

  • Santa and his four helpers as they arrived at station

    9 January 2015 Single page view

    Casey station updates you on their spectacular Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations. Did Santa make it all the way south? And is that really Stay, the wayward guide dog and unofficial Antarctic mascot?

  • An expeditioner setting up a camera & tripot in the ice

    19 December 2014 Single page view

    What is it like to arrive at Casey station for the first time? Find out in this week's news plus a weather update, and a visit from stranded French and Italian expeditioners.

  • A female singer enthusiastically singing at a microphone

    12 December 2014 Single page view

    The complicated process of ice diving is examined this week at Casey station, plus a special social event honours the culture of the only Romanian expeditioner.

  • Two expeditioners being taught to use a fire hose

    5 December 2014 Single page view

    Casey's new crew prepares for the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Two Adelie penguins bump chests in the air, whilst a scared onlooker flees to safety

    28 November 2014 Single page view

    Casey's wharf road is completed, Shirley Island's waddling residents return, new arrivals complete survival training and we prepare for the first flight to Wilkins.

  • The Kenny's hut emergency shelter well snowed in, on an overcast day

    21 November 2014 Single page view

    Stocking the huts for summer, a road is forged, the frozen spring explained and passing through McMurdo from Casey this week.

  • A view over Newcomb bay at Casey station, viewed from the back of the power house

    14 November 2014 Single page view

    The weather has finally cleared enough at Casey for planes to fly in equipment and expeditioners for the summer season. A mysterious anomaly is spotted in the aurora-filled skies and the power house gets a spring clean.

  • The Basler making a first pass over the Casey skiway before turning to land 1 Nov 2014

    7 November 2014 Single page view

    Finally the planes arrive and Casey changes from winter to summer mode.

  • Pete Hargreaves with Robbos hut in the background

    31 October 2014 Single page view

    Pete, a repeat expeditioner, explores the joy of 'jollies' at Casey station. Plus, Chef Eddie gets his just desserts.

  • Mast on the ground after blizzard at Casey 19th Sept 2014

    24 October 2014 Single page view

    The Casey skiway is ready for action, repairs to antenna, a trip to Browning Peninsula, and a birthday celebrated at Casey this week

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