This week at Casey

  • Group of expedtioners in yellow and black winter wear, standing in front of a twin propellored white plane which is parked on the ice. Blue sky above.

    8 December 2017

    A fly over station for famil, we meet the Casey comms team and five minutes with Stuart the Chippie!

  • Large centre picture, orange melon hut with face painted onto it. Four expeditioners sitting to bottom left eating from plates.

    1 December 2017

    The station recovers from a visit from the school kids on the 'Name our Icebreaker' flight, the Terra bus makes it down to Casey, 'Kenny' gets a face lift and we meet sparkie, Ben.

  • Foreground, pengiun tracks right to left, ice cliff with blue sky behind in background.

    24 November 2017

    Another busy week at Casey! An impressive new addition to the team, busy trades and we meet long serving Casey comms operator, Narelle!

  • C-17, large grey military aircraft landing on ice runway with red and white basler aircraft on airfield apron in foreground.

    17 November 2017

    Another busy week at Casey with flights, visitors, survival training with a blizz and we meet Antarctic first timer, carpenter Chris Fitzgerald.

  • Group of expeditioners with packs on in foreground heading downhill towards sea ice covered channel with rocky island in background

    10 November 2017

    With a new team in place there is plenty of training underway and we get to know 71st ANARE member, Brett Wilks.

  • Expeditioner jumping for joy beside Antarctic Circle sign

    3 November 2017

    A new team is welcomed to Casey station and farewell the 70th ANARE.

  • Andrew the chef in the kitchen with a tray of egg rolls

    27 October 2017

    We are wrapping up the season with photos of the 70th ANARE team.

  • Ducky standing outside in the snow with icy hair and beard.

    20 October 2017

    There has been lots of scrubbing and polishing this week, getting everything in order for the incoming summer crew.

  • Expeditoner with sled on sea ice.

    13 October 2017

    A team head out on a trek pulling sleds, which turns out to be harder than it looks.

  • Clint and Muscles with the sample station.

    6 October 2017

    With only 19 days before the first plane is expected to arrive, the station is a hive of activity getting ready for the summer crew.

  • A sun dog, which is a meteorological phenomenon light formation at Wilkins runway.

    29 September 2017

    This week a team headed to Wilkins to start blowing snow off the runway and make repairs to the buildings.

  • Elise playing golf at Jacks Hut.

    22 September 2017

    With perfect conditions for golf the 'Antarctic Golf Amateurs' begin their Spring tour and others are up at the runway getting it ready for the season ahead.

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