This week at Casey

25 January 2013 All on one page
Expeditioners travelling via inflatable rubber boat This week at Casey we will discover the summer melt through the eyes of a field training officer (FTO) and makie sweet, sweet music with "the band with no name".

18 January 2013 All on one page
Another spectacular iceberg This week at Casey we take a look at some of the research being done on flying seabirds, gain an understanding of the workings and significance of the meteorology department and have a look at some of the magnificent icebergs as seen on one of our Sunday cruises.

11 January 2013 All on one page
Expeditioners dressed as Santa, Mrs Claus and elves pose in front of Hagglund. Another look back at the busy week of resupply, Casey gets the long awaited visit from the north and it's time to play "Survivor - Antarctica" for some of the newcomers.

4 January 2013 All on one page
Dr Sheri Newman and Dr Nick Lerch discussing procedures in the surgery This week has seen the refuelling and resupply of Casey, as well as the arrival of the incoming winterers and the farewell of the outgoing crew. We get a perspective of the activities from one of our summer doctors.

21 December 2012 All on one page
A group shot of the Ministerial visit A hillbilly carnival, serious tank work and a ministerial visit this week at Casey station.

7 December 2012 All on one page
Adelie penguin protecting its nest rocks This week at Casey, ICECAP survey flights give insight into climate change, Adelie penguins remain an attractive sight for visitors and the Casey-Davis rivarly gets an update.

30 November 2012 All on one page
Stu, Jason and Bob in the Casey tankhouse It's all about work this week at Casey. Boilers, building and digging out a road keep our expeditioners busy.

23 November 2012 All on one page
Kenny Smith at Casey Building of the east wing accomodation begins at the Red Shed. Expeditioners also have a theme night and prove that Casey station is number one.

16 November 2012 All on one page
Danielle holding a frozen soil sample from the biopile Even Antarctica isn't safe from the Aussie shed. Expeditioners at Casey clear out some old building materials, remediation continues at a fuel spill site and the Shirley Island Adelie penguins are getting busy.

9 November 2012 All on one page
Summer chef, Jarrod, on skis Exciting times at Casey meant a slight delay of the news due to an influx of the summer expeditioners! Photos of the planes plus Casey's 'ski school' included. Somehow we managed to slip in a few cute baby Weddell seal pics to boot.

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