This week at Casey

5 April 2013All on one page
Landscape shot of just a flat icy terrain and stratocumulus clouds This week our newly renovated harbour-side chalet gets a test run, we suit up to save Barney Rubble in a fire drill and the picture gallery is brought to you by Andy.

29 March 2013All on one page
Close up of an elephant seal yawning Like a peacock showing off its tail feathers, we show off our growing beards as a salute to Antarctic explorers of the past. We also visit the elephant seals at Browning and we conjured up a solution to our depleting stock of a precious commodity that we call soap. Finally we share the picture gallery of the week by Leon.

22 March 2013All on one page
Close up shot of an Adelie penguin Sharpen the darts, polish the snooker balls and set up the table! The Casey Olympics have officially started! This week we also venture off to Browning peninsula to see the sights, Matty talks about life and everything plus we share the picture gallery of the week by Tim.

15 March 2013All on one page
Large iceberg with four tiers surrounded by clear water This week we visit Aaron at the green store, take a look in a day in a life of a station leader, pack away Wilkins aerodrome for the winter and introduce our weekly picture gallery.

8 March 2013All on one page
Cruising on a inflatable rubber boat This week our station doctor shares his epic battle dubbed MD vs MC or Medical Doctor vs the Master Chef. Gavin, our senior mechanical supervisor, shows that pictures are worth a thousand words.

1 March 2013All on one page
Sunset at Wilkes This week at Casey, a communication technical officer (CTO) takes to the skies, 40 metres off the ground, and we see what some of the wintering expeditioners are doing after the last flight.

22 February 2013All on one page
Glenn holds up balloon probe This week we have a Bureau of Meteorology theme with meteorological technicians keeping instruments happily running. We also follow the Casey weather balloon hunters essentially trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

15 February 2013All on one page
Four polar tents This week Louise delivers the final update on the Adélie penguin research for this season, we travel up Law Dome for ice core sampling and a handful of adventuring winterers crossed melt streams on Hägglund to hike up the rocky hills of Browning Peninsula.

8 February 2013All on one page
In the trailer of a Hagglund, on the way from the skiway to Casey station This week our supervising communication technician gets a helping hand from fourteen international visitors, we explore the lost art of ham radio (amateur radio) with Dr Gerry, our new friends from Concordia gets a taste of Casey station life. Finally we are left with a few special words from a person who first set foot in Antarctica in 1983 and returned numerous occasions thereafter.

1 February 2013All on one page
Two expeditioners stretching before a cricket match This week we celebrate Australia Day with a quick dip in Newcomb Bay and take a few wickets in the Casey station Antarctic cricket test match.

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