This week at Casey

  • Six of seven construction crew standing behind a half built Igloo.

    15 April 2016

    News this week from project plumbers includes work on the Casey utility building (CUB) and construction of an igloo.

  • A mixed up weather day with dark storm clouds, sun trying to break through, strong winds and blowing snow all at once.

    8 April 2016

    A windy week at Casey but work goes on as the 'sparkies' (electricians) take over this week's news.

  • Katie holding an Easter egg wrapped in gold paper that she has just found.

    1 April 2016

    The Easter Long weekend at Casey saw a visit from the Easter Bunny and a pesky blizzard.

  • Mick preparing to throw a dart with the crowed watching on behind him.

    25 March 2016

    A write up on the Casey summer games. Who came out victorious?

  • Jimmy and Jeff as they have exit one of the water tanks dressed in white coveralls that are mostly black with dirt and muck from carrying out tank cleaning work.

    18 March 2016

    Day in the life of a Casey plumber isn't what you might think. Sure, there are the usual jobs, but what plumber do you know who has lay surgical skills or search and rescue training?

  • Three expeditioners standing together for one last good by photo

    11 March 2016

    Casey says goodbye to summer.

  • The departing summer expeditioners at the Antarctic Circle

    4 March 2016

    The Bureau of Meteorology staff report on the end of summer activities and a visit from Chinese ship Xue Long.

  • Hägglunds tracked vehicle covered in snow after blizzard

    19 February 2016

    A blizzard creates delays and eerie scenes.

  • A building is being constructed and Antarctic scenery is viewable through it

    12 February 2016

    The carpenters, or chippies as they are fondly referred to, take over Casey’s news with details of a new utility building.

  • Expeditioners skiing

    5 February 2016

    For a small group of Casey expeditioners, a classic Nordic-style ski trip provides memories to last a lifetime.

  • Expeditioners exit the water after summer swim with shocked expressions on their faces.

    29 January 2016

    Casey station celebrates Australia Day with cricket, iconic radio and a chilly swim.

  • A group photo of men and women outside at the Casey station direction sign

    22 January 2016

    Meteorologists takes over the news this week.

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