This week at Casey

14 June 2013 All on one page
A colourful sunrise with high streaks of thin clouds with a mixture of blue, violet, pink, red and yellow hue across the sky This week at Casey, Mark talks about the rapidly decreasing daylight hours, Michael ask why the sky is blue and what that means here at Casey and finally, Chad hosts an interesting evening with a mini TED conference.

7 June 2013 All on one page
Case quad trac covered in snow after a blizzard. This week at Casey, we adapt to the winter weather conditions; we venture with the Casey mechanics and discover that snow gets into everything, and the picture gallery of the week is by Aaron.

31 May 2013 All on one page
More Casey sunset We joined 170 million people in 36 countries in watching the action packed Eurovision, dealt with blizzards, blizzards and more blizzards, travelled to the Red Keep in King's Landing and joined the families of Westeros in a great feast and tourney. The picture gallery of the week is by Michael Salinas from BOM.

24 May 2013 All on one page
Sundog Phenomena over Casey. It seems like there are three Sun's in the sky This week at Casey we venture to Jacks Donga to return back from an adventure. With the P90x work-out program coming to an end we are continuing our fitness program with a new workout: SWOLE. This week's picture gallery is by Abrar.

17 May 2013 All on one page
Allan leaning over the table to give instructions to Jukka This week we find the artist within. Our station leader talks about how he helped us discover our individual artistic talent while Tim displays some of the results of Allan's art classes. We lose, on average, seven minutes of daylight every day. As the night grows longer, Ben describes the magnificence of a phenomena that happens in a dark and clear night sky.

10 May 2013 All on one page
Colourful clouds from sunrise rays This week at Casey we discover some difficulties working in Antarctica, visit the famous Wilkes hut and Matty is back talking about a popular documentary played nearly every week, art class and band practice. Finally, Matty's poem for this week.

3 May 2013 All on one page
A snow petrel in full flight in a clear blue sky This week we revisit Aaron at the Greenstore, Chad talks about the best thing about live in Antarctica, a surprise return of a flight of Snow Petrels and we remember those who have fallen on ANZAC day.

26 April 2013 All on one page
Sunrise at Casey with freezing sea ice in the foreground "Bond, James Bond" and "Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred" have been quoted close to a hundred times during our themed Saturday night. The search and rescue team went out on a quick refresher training and the picture gallery of the week is by Jukka Pirhonen.

19 April 2013 All on one page
Close up of an elephant seal poking its head out of the water and leaning back with eyes closed This week at Casey as "Winter is coming", Viking Matt is back with a poem and we join Doug with the all important cane line maintenance. Finally we share the picture gallery of the week by Ben.

12 April 2013 All on one page
Close up of Matt In the fight between good (the doc) and evil (the chef), the culinary king has his say. We also visit an automatic weather station (AWS) near Browning and battened down the hatches for a blizzard. Finally we revitalised our happy birthday sign for the public web cam.

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