This week at Casey

  • Crane and expeditioners working at Casey fuel farm

    15 December 2006

    Brought to you by Alex, Gary and Ty. Another busy week at Casey Station as the Aurora Australis finally leaves Hobart for the beginning of Voyage 2. Summering scientists, due …

  • Friday drinks at Casey station

    8 December 2006

    Brought to you by Nikki R and Jason H Last Friday the weather was mild enough to have our Friday drinks on the helipad outside the Red Shed.Tricky set up an oasis setting using 44 gallon drums, complete with artificial …

  • Global Express on the Tarmac ready for flight.

    1 December 2006

    Brought to you by Nicole and Marty Global Express flyby goes off without a hitch Rewrite the history books, write some emails and send some postcards.... Sunday the 26th of November 2006 was the first time, EVER, the AAD has …

  • CASA plane landing at Casey

    23 November 2006

    CASA's arrive, icy samples are analysed and processed, more support for Wilkins and false fire alarms.

  • Expeditioner digging outside the new field store at Casey station

    17 November 2006

    Brought to you by your friendly BoM staff, Scott, Bill & John With the establishment of a new field store adjacent to the works building, Mel has been busy moving field equipment over from the old sheds. The new store …

  • Expeditioners standing beside quad bikes

    10 November 2006

    Now that the new arrivals are settled in, the summer programs are in full swing. When the weather allows, the divers and their support crew have been out drilling numerous holes …

  • Last Helicopter's Victory Lap

    3 November 2006

    It has been a busy week for Casey with field training, the runway crew gearing up, the dive team preparation, science projects starting up and the influx of trades people getting started.

  • Three expeditioners out on the ice

    29 September 2006

    The weather has been very kind over the last week and the weekend in particular was tremendous. As a result a lot of the station took the opportunity to get out and about on overnight or day trips in and …

  • Traverse train leaving Wilkins

    19 May 2006

    By John and Brian Trip to Wilkins In the middle of last week a group of hardy specialists set off to check out the inland resort, sometimes known as Wilkins runway. As the place has been vacant since the flight …

  • Driving the grader

    3 February 2006

    The Wilkins Runway by Shane S Imagine coming to Antarctica and not leave station. Luckily that's not the case here. Heading to the Wilkins Runway construction camp is an experience that was filled with a lot of satisfaction.

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