This week at Casey

  • Joe dons his BA gear

    18 August 2006

    Another busy and, as it turned out at week's end, an eventful one for Casey station. The week began with the plumbers and assistants emptying and cleaning the waste tanks in the Red Shed in pursuit of the ever elusive …

  • Plumbers prepare for fly eradication

    11 August 2006

    This week has been a flurry of activity, with the fly eradication program in full preparation mode with some people – Robbie our Chef, Cliff, Andrew and Chris heading …

  • 30 June 2006

    After the Midwinter's celebrations we again experienced another blizzard, this being the third in a row after such a quiet spell. The gods were looking down upon us to give us the gap in the weather to allow our traditional …

  • Snow Petrel

    6 January 2006

    What a busy time we've had at here Casey over the Christmas / New Year period. V2 expeditioners have been settling in and all of a sudden Christmas was here and amidst the flurry of summer maintenance programmes and science …

  • Three expeditioners set out for Wilkes station.

    16 June 2006

    Last weekend our illustrious Station Leader Marilyn did a walking trip to Wilkes accompanied by Barry, Lloyd and Brian. A forwardscout party on quads went out to ensure that the path was clear of any dangers and to deposit some …

  • Four expeditioners kneeling beside sea ice in Sparkes Bay Casey station

    7 July 2006

    The past week started with sunny days, light winds and cold temperatures to −28°C but deteriorated to blizzard conditions on Monday evening.

  • Expeditioner standing so the moon appears just above their hand

    14 July 2006

    The last week has seen Casey having reasonable weather for a change. We had no big winds, and there was no further sea-ice blown …

  • Census time at Casey

    4 August 2006

    A varied week at Casey with birthdays, census forms, 'Hangar Rat' and chess competitions, work in the field store, a trip to Wilkes, a work trip to the AWS at Haupt Nunatak and a trip to service the sea ice …

  • Paul running new gas pipes in Science.

    28 July 2006

    The week has been a very active one for all on station with the Bureau of Meteorology guys leading the field and providing blizzards and strong winds for the majority of the week.

  • Wilkins Crew beside tractor

    21 July 2006

    The week started off fine with Stoney, Paul, Pete, PJ, and Garry packing to do a traverse to Wilkins Aircraft Landing Strip…

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