This week at Casey

  • Robo's Hut

    7 April 2006

    The evening before the big Bivi night. Cliff and Lloyd recently arrived on V5 and have been busy undergoing their field training …

  • Winner Cath Samson

    17 March 2006

    A week of culture abounded at Casey upon Newcomb with the long awaited premiere of the Casey Art Exhibition on Friday. The list of exhibitors was as long as it was distinguished and the standard higher still.

  • Ray and Pete by Chris

    2 June 2006

    This week at Casey By Chris and Barry Tradies The station maintenance works program has continued apace this week with the laundry getting some attention from the electricians when the dryers had a mid life crisis and required some tender …

  • Jukebox

    31 March 2006

    The end of summer has arrived for Casey Station. One last hurrah was heralded with a fifties party on the Thursday night before the arrival of the Aurora Australis.

  • SAR training in the snow.

    10 March 2006

    A busy week at Casey, Fire Exercises, SAR Training, SAR Exercise and Science trying its hardest to get their programs finished before V5 not to forget all the tradies doing their best …

  • Jacks door

    15 September 2006

    On Thursday Pete, Robbie and Cliff traveled to Jacks Donga by Hagglunds to exchange the food, rationalize the utensils and generally tidy the hut up. When they arrived, the boys were greeted at Jacks with the front door hanging off, …

  • Traverse train leaving Wilkins

    19 May 2006

    By John and Brian Trip to Wilkins In the middle of last week a group of hardy specialists set off to check out the inland resort, sometimes known as Wilkins runway. As the place has been vacant since the flight …

  • Law Dome AWS

    8 September 2006

    This week's news is brought to you by a couple of diesos taking time out of their busy schedule to bring you all the exciting news from Casey. The biggest story for the week would have to be the return …

  • En-route to Law Dome

    1 September 2006

    This week has been dominated by the automatic weather station (AWS) maintenance trip, led by our Met. Tech. "PJ" (Pete),to Law Dome Summit and Law Dome East. Five people (PJ, Robbie, Joe, Pete and Shane) departed last Tuesday in the …

  • It's Sean Connery â No it's John D

    25 August 2006

    Another busy week at Casey with preparation for the big trip to Law Dome and Law Dome East to conduct automatic weather station (AWS) maintenance.

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