This week at Casey

  • Law Dome AWS

    8 September 2006

    This week's news is brought to you by a couple of diesos taking time out of their busy schedule to bring you all the exciting news from Casey. The biggest story for the week would have to be the return …

  • En-route to Law Dome

    1 September 2006

    This week has been dominated by the automatic weather station (AWS) maintenance trip, led by our Met. Tech. "PJ" (Pete),to Law Dome Summit and Law Dome East. Five people (PJ, Robbie, Joe, Pete and Shane) departed last Tuesday in the …

  • It's Sean Connery â No it's John D

    25 August 2006

    Another busy week at Casey with preparation for the big trip to Law Dome and Law Dome East to conduct automatic weather station (AWS) maintenance.

  • F250 utility bogged in snow en route to Wilkins Runway. Expeditioner digging near back tyre

    22 September 2006

    Thursday, 14th September, saw John, Marilyn, Cliff, Andrew and Lloyd set off to drive 70 kilometres across the ice plateau to Wilkins Runway, in the F250 ute. The plateau's blue ice was unexpectedly covered with deep drift and they found …

  • Homemade bed

    6 October 2006

    Brought to you from the Plumbing Division of Casey Station We had our final dinner on Saturday with the 2006 winterers as the pilots are preparing to fly to Casey in the next few weeks, as well as the arrival …

  • BBQ in New Field Store

    27 October 2006

    Brought to you by Marilyn Well what a busy week at Casey! As all the other stations know the end of the winter and influx of summer personnel, cargo ops and hopes for good weather are all part of the …

  • Seal pup

    20 October 2006

    Seal pups We have been looking forward to the arrival of the seals and the birth of their pups. Over the last week or so many of us have taken advantage of the still sunny days to travel over the …

  • Cabin of truck filled with ice after a blizzard

    13 October 2006

    Brought to you by Shane and Brian With Casey station gearing up for the arrival of V1, less than two weeks away, preparations have moved into overdrive. Stoney and Garry have been busy de-winterising all the gear and most machines …

  • Joe dons his BA gear

    18 August 2006

    Another busy and, as it turned out at week's end, an eventful one for Casey station. The week began with the plumbers and assistants emptying and cleaning the waste tanks in the Red Shed in pursuit of the ever elusive …

  • Plumbers prepare for fly eradication

    11 August 2006

    This week has been a flurry of activity, with the fly eradication program in full preparation mode with some people – Robbie our Chef, Cliff, Andrew and Chris heading …

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