This week at Casey

  • Early morning sunlight at Casey station

    3 February 2017

    This week we feature Australia Day celebrations and get some new visitors. The team make the most of the warm weather and take part in an early 'Clean Up Australia' day.

  • Casey Forecaster Jake camping on the Mitchell Peninsula near Casey Station

    27 January 2017

    More training, a camping trip and a much travelled cardboard box.

  • The JKB Aircraft at Casey Skiway

    20 January 2017

    Work goes on and an old friend returns.

  • A Casey electrician takes a break from setting up a temporary power supply

    13 January 2017

    Back to work on some large projects, the importance of maintaining equipment and weather observations.

  • Adélie penguins float on a piece of ice.

    6 January 2017

    Christmas and New Year celebrations at Casey happen all at once. The science continues and a team head out to look at beautiful icebergs.

  • Aurora Australis icebreaker with cranes poised to unload

    23 December 2016

    Casey Station is kept busy with yearly resupply but remediation work goes on.

  • A helicopter comes into land at Casey Station

    16 December 2016

    This week we welcomed some visitors, saw lots of flights coming in and out and the team got through lots of work.

  • Two expeditioners walk along a snow cleared roadway

    9 December 2016

    This week there was a lot of work, but Christmas festivities start with tree decorations, and we enjoy indoor and outdoor activities.

  • A group of expeditioners preparing dinner on a small stove on a snow ledge during field training.

    2 December 2016

    Plenty of activity at the Casey skiway this week while the field training continues.

  • A large group of penguins stand on rocks at the Shirley Island Penguin Colony

    25 November 2016

    A VIP visit and some media attention - and station life goes on.

  • Ominous dark clouds form above Casey Station

    18 November 2016

    The season's science projects kick off as the weather turns bad.

  • An ice block igloo with person pocking their head through the top

    11 November 2016

    This week at Casey survival training hits full speed while the techs are busy updating and repairing back at station.

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