This week at Casey

  • Jukebox

    31 March 2006

    The end of summer has arrived for Casey Station. One last hurrah was heralded with a fifties party on the Thursday night before the arrival of the Aurora Australis.

  • Caterpillar tractor pulling two containers for traverse

    5 May 2006

    Winter is just around the corner and what snow has fallen in Casey recently has been quickly blown away. Likewise, sea ice forms only to be blown away during the blizz's.

  • The Wilkes Expedition

    26 May 2006

    Yet another busy week for the Casey expeditioners. Over the weekend Joe, Paul, Pete, Robbie, Shane and Ray had hoped to rekindle an age old Antarctic means of transport and attempt a man-haul …

  • Traverse train leaving Wilkins

    19 May 2006

    By John and Brian Trip to Wilkins In the middle of last week a group of hardy specialists set off to check out the inland resort, sometimes known as Wilkins runway. As the place has been vacant since the flight …

  • Solar Pillar

    12 May 2006

    Solar Pillar Glancing towards the setting sun last Wednesday, the Casey locals' eyes beheld a real treat. A solar pillar had formed below and above the sun.

  • Winner Cath Samson

    17 March 2006

    A week of culture abounded at Casey upon Newcomb with the long awaited premiere of the Casey Art Exhibition on Friday. The list of exhibitors was as long as it was distinguished and the standard higher still.

  • Ben and Cath with takeaways

    3 March 2006

    In Antarctica takeaway containers have a multitude of uses, normally it is to carry out 'tukka' to the field, ….on station they still have many food uses, but down in "Science", they are used as mini homes …

  • Alex, John and Judy

    27 January 2006

    Outgoing expeditioners Alex, John and Judy: the trio is now nearing the end of their stay here at Casey Station, Antarctica and they are due to leave on the Vasiliy Golovnin.

  • Dressed for fire drill

    20 January 2006

    Fire Drill Friday the 13th – Commonly referred to as Black Friday. Everyone on station hoped it was not going to be this year. However, just in case, the fire team got together for a fire drill. Two groups were …

  • Saz and Andrew with their sediment corer

    12 January 2006

    Casey is a hive of activity for the science community, and the wintering station personnel. This week we will look at a few of these areas to give you an insight into a small portion of the important activities that …

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