This week at Casey

  • Hagglunds from Casey Station at Price's Corner on route between Station and field hut on Browning Peninsula

    30 May 2008

    Hello from Casey. Last week's news mentioned briefly that a group had just returned from the Browning Peninsula. So here is their news and some photos. There were 2 primary objectives of the trip. The first was cane line maintenance …

  • Expeditioner testing the theory that boiling water thrown in -29.5 deg C air will snap freeze

    6 June 2008

    Hello from an overcast Casey. Our week started on Thursday which was a beautiful, cold and sunny day with little cloud and a temperature of -29.5C. When the temperature drops to about minus 30C, people are keen to test whether …

  • Expeditioner with birthday cake

    4 July 2008

    Just when mid winter was all over and we thought it was safe to hang up our drinking trousers for at least a day or two, there comes along a rush of birthdays. First up it was belts off tools …

  • Moon rising over over snow covered landscape near Casey Station

    27 June 2008

    Our week at Casey was dominated by the preparation and celebration of Midwinter's day and was capped off by Brownie's birthday. As a picture tells a thousand words, here are the photos. Midwinter The Day A near full moon and …

  • Expeditioner practicising for Mid-Winters act

    20 June 2008

    Another week flies by at Casey as we approach the biggest day of the year – Midwinter. Although the program has been kept secret – our roving reporter has managed to capture a few sneaky photos that may give away …

  • View of Midday sun in June at Casey Station

    13 June 2008

    Being so close to the exciting milestone of mid-winter, and the impending celebrations associated therewith, it was fitting that this week began and ended with blizzards. We aren't getting much sun these days – in fact, we (the Meteorology crew) …

  • Sunrise at Casey Station

    24 April 2008

    This week at Casey we have experienced snow, blowing snow, gale force winds and blizzards. Work still goes on and Brownie has manufactured and installed some internal flag poles in the wallow for use on days such as ANZAC day …

  • Two expeditioners ascending ropes indoors.

    18 April 2008

    Greetings from Casey. Search and Rescue (SAR) leader, Brownie had the SAR team and other interested parties doing more rope work in the store. A series of ropes were anchored to the ceiling and the exercise was to prussik up …

  • View to the south west of Casey Station

    7 March 2008

    Casey this week: birthdays, repair work, and more.

  • ANARE Club representative at Wilkes in ANARE jacket issued in 1960.

    29 February 2008

    Greetings from Casey. The weather has been kind all week with only the occasional light snow fall. Sunday was an absolute cracker of a day but on Tuesday brrrrr! The coldest day since October last year with temperatures not getting …

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