This week at Casey

  • Casey AGSO Team

    25 February 2011 Single page view

    Casey Skiway wraps up operations while Wilkins runway prepares to receive the Airbus.

  • Scientists holding ice core

    18 February 2011 Single page view

    Flights by Turbo-DC3 Basler from McMurdo bring new faces. Glaciology winds up, construction projects continue and an HF antenna repaired.

  • Aerial view of Casey

    11 February 2011 Single page view

    The hard work never ends at Comms. Comms Rule! Of course I'm sure there were other things happening...

  • Two penguins Shirley Island

    4 February 2011 Single page view

    An Iceberg Cruise, an update from the Wilkins Team, the Skiway and Hash House Harriers Casey Style!

  • Expeditioners waiting to go swimming

    28 January 2011 Single page view

    Australia Day! A fun filled experience for all. It all started with a hearty breakfast - thanks Chefs - next came a brisk swim, the BBQ! and then of course the cricket. The evening ended with the band with a few Aussie classics. What a great day! Of course, there was some science happening too!

  • Expeditioner dressed up as flower

    21 January 2011 Single page view

    During January at Casey, we have seen soil remediation and contamination cleanup projects coming to fruition. Other activities included the deployment of a new field hut, SAR training, and epic ski treks.

  • Santa arrives at Casey on his sleigh (drawn by 'reindeer' quad bikes)

    14 January 2011 Single page view

    Belated Christmas Greetings from Casey.

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