This week at Casey

  • Expeditioner throwing snow in the air

    31 August 2007

    Snow, snow and more snow has turned this week at Casey into a winter wonderland. The week has seen us receive the most consecutive days …

  • Expeditioner using a golf putter indoors

    24 August 2007

    Icy News this week flows from the pens of the Casey Plumbers, Dave and Paul. This week at Casey has seen the two AWS traverse teams get together and start planning two of the most harsh, unimaginable and perilous journeys …

  • Blowing Snow

    7 September 2007

    With an emphasis on men and their machines, perhaps it is fitting that this week's news is brought to you by the Plant Inspector, Jeremy. Hello again from Casey. Blowing Snow Photo: Jeremy W. Newcomb Bay (and more blowing snow!) …

  • White caps on Newcomb Bay

    21 September 2007

    By Chris W This week at Casey saw us huddled inside the Red Shed whilst the wind blew for four days straight; getting close to 100 knots on several occasions. After two days, all the accumulated snow had been blown …

  • Hagglunds with trailers, in the field

    28 September 2007

    This week's news is brought to you by the Casey Comms team of Ian and Brent. Another busy week has passed by at Casey, and the count down to the arrival of the AA is now under way with everyone …

  • Inside the Balloon Shed

    14 September 2007

    Hello again from Casey Met, This week the gang at Met are responsible for the weekly news so it was apt that we have just had one of our better weather experiences last week with two days of continuous blizzard …

  • Crane and expeditioners working at Casey fuel farm

    15 December 2006

    Brought to you by Alex, Gary and Ty. Another busy week at Casey Station as the Aurora Australis finally leaves Hobart for the beginning of Voyage 2. Summering scientists, due …

  • Friday drinks at Casey station

    8 December 2006

    Brought to you by Nikki R and Jason H Last Friday the weather was mild enough to have our Friday drinks on the helipad outside the Red Shed.Tricky set up an oasis setting using 44 gallon drums, complete with artificial …

  • Global Express on the Tarmac ready for flight.

    1 December 2006

    Brought to you by Nicole and Marty Global Express flyby goes off without a hitch Rewrite the history books, write some emails and send some postcards.... Sunday the 26th of November 2006 was the first time, EVER, the AAD has …

  • CASA plane landing at Casey

    23 November 2006

    CASA's arrive, icy samples are analysed and processed, more support for Wilkins and false fire alarms.

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