This week at Casey

  • Casey Station Expeditioner riding in inflatable rubber boat

    30 January 2009

    The marine team of Jonny, Cath, Karen, Glenn, Helena and Chris were out and about on the IRBs again this week busily sampling in O'Brien Bay, Sparkes Bay, Newcomb Bay and Petersen Channel. The team are sampling fish and marine …

  • Weddell seal pup

    16 October 2009

    First spring babies arrive, skiway preparation begins and fuel depots are set up for air ops refueling.

  • Casey Station Expeditioners download the data loggers for the Heavy Metals Contaminants project

    19 June 2009

    As mid-winter approaches work at Casey continues. Following a weekend comprised of forty-eight hours of blizzard conditions, the wind finally let up early this week. Conditions on Tuesday were almost ideal (warm temperatures, very little wind) and marred only by …

  • Expeditioner in front of a clothes dryer

    26 June 2009

    Midwinter's Spectacular The preparation for Midwinter's started with hair cuts the weekend before, and the styling and dyeing continued all week until Sunday afternoon. After much primping and preening the three main fashions of the night were: Mohawk with or …

  • Casey Station Expeditioner preparing for another snow run

    29 May 2009

    Over last weekend Casey had a great dump of powdery white stuff, the stuff that gets the resident snow shredders into a salivating frenzy keen to get out onto the slopes, now there are not as many tourists. As yet, …

  • Casey Station Expeditioner checking the radio repeater on top of Goldenberg Ridge

    22 May 2009

    Browning Caravan Camping Trip Last week Cookie, Ian and Troy B. headed off towards Browning with the Silver Chalet in tow so that they could camp where ever they felt the urge. Some on Station kept referring to the trip …

  • Casey Station Expeditioners preparing to leave Station on field trip

    1 May 2009

    Wilkes Last Sunday five expeditioners Liam, Tim, Dave, Clive and Nick decided to walk to Wilkes via the sea ice. There was plenty of sights and entertainment along the way. The plan was to stay one night and to be …

  • Casey Station Expeditioners dressed for fashion show

    8 May 2009

    Casey Fashion Show With the commencement of Fashion Week in Australia, Casey celebrated the premier fashion event of Antarctica on Saturday night. Organised by local fashionistas Lisa and Vicki, many stunning, new and highly imaginative styles were seen on the …

  • Stay at Casey Station bar - Splinters

    15 May 2009

    After a late night (or was that early morning?) at the Splinters Bar, Stay decided that a trip out to Robbos Hut might be just the thing for some fresh air and exercise. Stay checking out the offerings at Splinters …

  • Basler aircraft approaching Casey Skiway

    6 February 2009

    One of this season's big science projects at Casey wound up this week with the departure of the Basler aircraft. The ICECAP team flew over 33,000 kilometres of aerogeophysical survey out of Casey this summer, making 14 flights and gathering …

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