This week at Casey

  • Casey Station Expeditioners laying linoleum in the Station's Preparation Laboratory.

    3 October 2008

    The weeks fly by so fast it is hard to remember what happened when. However, for about 3 days Michael and Luc have been up at the Skiway preparing the strip for the arrival of the 212 planes in mid …

  • Sunset following a blizzard at Casey.

    10 October 2008

    Another week has flown by at Casey, in which we have experienced 3 blizzards, 2 days of heavy snow fall and 2 beautiful clear days. The sunset on Monday was glorious with a lingering vivid pink sky. Monday's sunset following …

  • The Skiway winter camp before the vans were moved forward onto level snow

    17 October 2008

    The 35th week of winter and the penultimate one before the arrival of Voyage 1 and the Summer Team, has been dominated by the preparation of the Skiway; the set up of Wilkins (runway) camp; submission of cargo and Personal …

  • Adelie penguin near Casey Station

    31 October 2008

    It has been a topsy turvy couple of weeks here on station, with events continuing to unfold daily. At the 11th hour, as the ship drew to within ear-shot a little over a week ago, a call from Davis and …

  • Moon rising over over snow covered landscape near Casey Station

    27 June 2008

    Our week at Casey was dominated by the preparation and celebration of Midwinter's day and was capped off by Brownie's birthday. As a picture tells a thousand words, here are the photos. Midwinter The Day A near full moon and …

  • Expeditioner practicising for Mid-Winters act

    20 June 2008

    Another week flies by at Casey as we approach the biggest day of the year – Midwinter. Although the program has been kept secret – our roving reporter has managed to capture a few sneaky photos that may give away …

  • ANARE Club representative at Wilkes in ANARE jacket issued in 1960.

    29 February 2008

    Greetings from Casey. The weather has been kind all week with only the occasional light snow fall. Sunday was an absolute cracker of a day but on Tuesday brrrrr! The coldest day since October last year with temperatures not getting …

  • Empty lounge area inside Red Shed at Casey Station

    22 February 2008

    Well it's quiet (compared to the last few weeks anyway) with the departing of our summering friends. The station almost seems abandoned with only 17 people here and 2 still at Wilkins packing up the aerodrome for the winter. No …

  • View to the south west of Casey Station

    7 March 2008

    Casey this week: birthdays, repair work, and more.

  • Expeditioner with ice covered Newcomb Bay in background

    14 March 2008

    Greetings from Casey, With the waters of Newcomb Bay partially freezing over in the last week, one may have been forgiven for assuming winter was finally ready to settle in here. People were no sooner talking about the prospect of …

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