This week at Casey

  • Expeditioner raises Australian flag outside in Antarctica

    13 March 2015 Single page view

    Summer science bash sees off the last of the summer expeditioners and an Englishman raises the Aussie flag.

  • Expeditioner looks over view at the wharf

    6 March 2015 Single page view

    This week the dive team gets a helping paw, we learn a bit more about weather forecasting, and see some great shots of the turning seasons.

  • Close up of female singing in a band

    27 February 2015 Single page view

    Another big summer comes to an end for many, and we witness the final appearance of the Casey band.

  • A scientist in the field with a table and computer

    20 February 2015 Single page view

    Rescue training at Casey station, a gorgeous field expedition to Law Dome, a rare sub-glacial eruption and the KBA Challenge commences remembering our friends from Kenn Borek Air.

  • Seven expeditioners streching strudel pastry

    13 February 2015 Single page view

    How to cook like an Antarctic chef plus the more mature expeditioners at Casey station defy the doubting youngsters.

  • A male expeditioners riding a bike with an Antarctic backdrop

    6 February 2015 Single page view

    At Casey, expeditioners break out their mountain bikes for a rare ride, Chinese visitors make dumplings and the hydroponics process is explored.

  • Two female expeditioners with a blow up kangeroo waiting to take the plunge

    30 January 2015 Single page view

    Environmental science, team work, a nautical party and Australia Day - great stories and pics from Casey station.

  • An iceberg with its image refelcting on the water

    23 January 2015 Single page view

    This week, the intrepid crew at Casey station cruise magnificent icebergs in peaceful tranquility. A new fuel tank was also installed to service the main power house.

  • Four expeditioners posing for a photograph outside a field hut

    16 January 2015 Single page view

    Field training, darts and hydrographics at Casey station.

  • Santa and his four helpers as they arrived at station

    9 January 2015 Single page view

    Casey station updates you on their spectacular Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations. Did Santa make it all the way south? And is that really Stay, the wayward guide dog and unofficial Antarctic mascot?

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