This week at Casey

  • Man in foreground taking selfie at full arm length, in background orange melon hut with face of Kenny from Southpark painted onto the side

    10 August 2018

    This week at Casey film fever has hit, Pat's provided a great summary of what we do to while away the hours outside of work, and we meet Macca our sparky alarm officiano and the gentleman about station

  • Compartment of a tractor converted into an outhouse sits on rocky outcrop overlooking view of bay with rocky islands, ice bergs and a blue sky with scattered white clouds

    3 August 2018

    This week at Casey the sun is returning and expeditioners are emerging from hibernation to get out and about; and we meet Misty our tractor loving, quad bike riding Aerodrome Manager.

  • Night time view of the ANARESAT dome with one panel missing which allows the inside light to shine out

    27 July 2018

    This week at Casey we contemplate herding penguins and the windy season, Nick gives an update on the Red Shed project's progress and we meet Shane 'the' Mann our SMS, Carlton's number one fan and purveyor of dad jokes.

  • Photo taken from a drone, a shot taken from above looking down at the edge of the water as the ice forms and the wind action creates rounds of ice that look like lilypads

    20 July 2018

    This week at Casey, an update from Zach and we meet Scotty our resident Viking and plumber extraordinaire, while we get taken over by renovations and loooong blizzards and an Emperor comes to visit.

  • A close up of the moon, showing craters and dark patches in top left of picture, rest of picture is black

    13 July 2018

    This week at Casey we're in the middle of winter and have hit groundhog day, but do get to meet Jane our radio operator turned weather watcher and not so secret sci-fi fan

  • Woman in black pants and jacket with beanie and sunglasses stands centre picture, on rocky outcrop with snow covered mountainous landscape behind

    6 July 2018

    This week at Casey the countdown to home has begun, the maintenance team are escaping the cold and finding work indoors, and a bit of insight into the secret life of 'she who must be obeyed'

  • A self taken after the swim, a group of 14 expeditioners all rugged up and smiling and waving at the camera

    29 June 2018

    This week we try and share with you just some of the fun and festivities of midwinter at Casey.

  • Edge of glacier (an ice cliff) jutting out into the sea

    15 June 2018

    This week we're busy with preparations for our mid-winter festivities, we meet Troy (or is that Trey) the station IT and Comms guru (and resident historian and travel expert), and Shoey is contemplating midwinter and why we're all here.

  • Sun is rising and forming sun dogs, in the foreground a man is on small hill and sillouetted against the sun

    8 June 2018

    This week at Casey we're besotted with the light of a continual sunrise (or is a continual sunset), give you more examples of how we pass the time through the long winter, the RedShed refurb update for May is provided, and we meet our legendary plumber Signor Benny.

  • Men standing on top of the fuel tanks amongst handrails with the sun rise silhouetting them

    1 June 2018

    This week we meet the Casey pig during our fuel transfer and also get to know Luke our western Australian snow clearing officiado

  • Woman standing with back to camera, in flouro orange dry suit and beanie with pom-pom. All around is white, snow covered ground blending into foggy sky

    25 May 2018

    A busy week at Casey this week, with searching, measuring and feasting. We also meet Dom our barbarian chef (and station photographer) and Al our rigger / welder... Coincidently both New Zealanders, not sure how that happened?!?

  • Mid picture the station in distance lit up by lights at night and above a bright green band of aurora australis / southern lights

    18 May 2018

    This week the snow has finally stopped and we get to see the night sky for the first time in a while, we go on a bit of killing spree to fill the quiet dark hours on station, and we meet '2 Dogs' our project carpenter by day and brew master and karaoke king by night.

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