This week at Casey

  • Casey expeditioners salute the sun.

    26 June 2015 Single page view

    Midwinter festivities at Casey include the midwinter swim, after cutting a hole through the ice of course! Expeditioners also enjoy a lovely midwinter feast.

  • Two male dart players shake hands

    19 June 2015 Single page view

    In this week's news: darts and balloons, a dangerous combo at Casey station?

  • Judges test expeditioners beards

    12 June 2015 Single page view

    It's time for the great Casey beard-off. Who will have the most luxurious and healthy growth on station? Also this week, just how do you keep the lights and heat on in Antarctica?

  • Snow build up on operations building

    5 June 2015 Single page view

    Snow, snow and more snow...

  • Expeditioner in kitchen

    29 May 2015 Single page view

    Sushi, saunas and saucy quiz nights at Casey.

  • A female hand holds several small ripe tomatoes

    22 May 2015 Single page view

    The sun is rapidly disappearing at Casey. Meanwhile, a lack of sun doesn't stop the hydroponics crew from yielding crop.

  • A bearded and tattooed male expeditioner, complete with large boxing gloves, pretends to box with a plastic guide dog

    15 May 2015 Single page view

    This week's Casey station news is brought to you by our mascot, Stay. As an expeditioner, Stay has been to every Australian station many times and is an old hat. What does he get up to on a weekly basis?

  • Expeditioner in front of glacier view

    8 May 2015 Single page view

    Brownie's takes over the news and reports on a field expedition and heated poker game.

  • Flags at half mast

    1 May 2015 Single page view

    A memorable Anzac centenary, sea ice SAR training, a killer pool competition and time off at Wilkes.

  • Expeditioner dressed in warm Antarctic clothing, with only her eyes uncovered

    24 April 2015 Single page view

    An Antarctic weekend away, snow petrels keep the Casey crew company, and another spectacular aurora.

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