This week at Casey

  • Airbus on arrival at Wilkins

    18 December 2009

    A diary of the first flight operations with arrivals and departures, operation ICECAP unlocks some geological and glaciological secrets, and shipping containers go walk-about, introducing expeditioners currently at Casey.

  • Casey Station Expeditioners laying linoleum in the Station's Preparation Laboratory.

    3 October 2008

    The weeks fly by so fast it is hard to remember what happened when. However, for about 3 days Michael and Luc have been up at the Skiway preparing the strip for the arrival of the 212 planes in mid …

  • Blizzard snow blown inside the Casey Station Boat Shed

    22 August 2008

    The early part of our week was characterised by strong winds, overcast skies, blowing snow and blizzards which blew all the sea-ice out of Newcomb Bay. Who recommended roller doors for the Boat Shed? Photo: Dan The Lower Fuel Farm …

  • Casey Station Head barman discussing drinks with other Expeditioners

    15 August 2008

    The creative juices have been flowing here at Casey over the past week with the 48hr Antarctic Film Festival kicking off in the Odeon on Thursday night, featuring our very own movie stars (including Joel, Brownie, Rich, Luc and Dan) …

  • Solar halo and sun dogs seen north of Casey Station

    29 August 2008

    I was in the kitchen all day on Saturday working with Richard preparing for our Viking Night feast. Saturday is the longest and in some ways the hardest day of the week in the kitchen for both the slushy and …

  • Weekday hot smoko (morning tea), a rare treat for Casey Station Expeditioners

    5 September 2008

    The week started exactly the way last week ended, in a blizzard. Funnily this week also ended the same way… blizzard. Over the past two months we have had a total of 15 official blizzards. For the mathematicians that's about …

  • Casey Station Chef preparing Saturday night Chinese banquet

    12 September 2008

    Greetings from Casey. Some highlights this week included a magnificent Chinese Banquet prepared by Richard on Saturday night; a surprise performance by Comfy Chair; the preparations and departure of the traverse party to Law Dome; a couple of glorious days …

  • Casey Station Make-up artist (and Doctor) preparing Station Chef for his role in Station video production

    8 August 2008

    Greetings from Casey. On the weekend of 2-3 August McMurdo Station and Scott Base held their annual 48 hour film making competition. Anthony (Antz) Powell, Satcom Engineer at McMurdo invited us and other stations to make it a continent-wide event. …

  • Casey Station Expeditioners walking across sea ice

    1 August 2008

    Greetings from Casey. In July at Casey we have experienced gale force winds, 15 days of blowing snow and 8 blizzards, so all of us were delighted when someone turned the big switch and the weather turned suddenly fine from …

  • Expeditioner with birthday cake

    4 July 2008

    Just when mid winter was all over and we thought it was safe to hang up our drinking trousers for at least a day or two, there comes along a rush of birthdays. First up it was belts off tools …

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