This week at Casey

  • Elephant seal

    1 April 2011 Single page view

    Work on the powerhouse continues and some expeditioners get a chance to get out and about to see some elephant seals.....

  • Red Shed

    25 March 2011 Single page view

    Snow returns to Casey and the summer programs are winding up....

  • Did you get a photo of my good side?

    18 March 2011 Single page view

    Ice climbing, a sunset cruise and a trip out to Browning Peninsula...

  • Ardery Camera Install

    11 March 2011 Single page view

    The last boating trip of the season, temperatures dropping fast and a Saturday feast......

  • Summer expeditioners heading home at last

    4 March 2011 Single page view

    The last A319 flight from Wilkins for the summer heralded one of the final milestones to be achieved before the season draws to a close, pre-empting the start of a long winter isolation...

  • Casey AGSO Team

    25 February 2011 Single page view

    Casey Skiway wraps up operations while Wilkins runway prepares to receive the Airbus.

  • Scientists holding ice core

    18 February 2011 Single page view

    Flights by Turbo-DC3 Basler from McMurdo bring new faces. Glaciology winds up, construction projects continue and an HF antenna repaired.

  • Aerial view of Casey

    11 February 2011 Single page view

    The hard work never ends at Comms. Comms Rule! Of course I'm sure there were other things happening...

  • Two penguins Shirley Island

    4 February 2011 Single page view

    An Iceberg Cruise, an update from the Wilkins Team, the Skiway and Hash House Harriers Casey Style!

  • Expeditioners waiting to go swimming

    28 January 2011 Single page view

    Australia Day! A fun filled experience for all. It all started with a hearty breakfast - thanks Chefs - next came a brisk swim, the BBQ! and then of course the cricket. The evening ended with the band with a few Aussie classics. What a great day! Of course, there was some science happening too!

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