This week at Casey

  • Midafternoon views of the sun through the red shed windows at Casey.

    14 August 2009

    The sun returns! Finally the dark, overcast, and blizz filled months of June and July are over and things are beginning to look up at Casey. The sun is getting higher and higher every day and has now reached a …

  • Casey expeditioner maintaining vehicles

    28 August 2009

    Wilkins in winter Throughout the winter there have been multiple trips up to Casey's international airport, Wilkins, to conduct maintenance and move equipment back and forth to sunny Casey. This can be a tricky task for our Diesos as there …

  • Casey expeditioner with ice on goggles

    18 September 2009

    One thing you don't hear much about until you get to Casey is the blizz tails and digging snow. However, the few stories cannot prepare you for the true glory of the balloon shed blizz tail an unsuspecting met person …

  • Casey expeditioner and cake

    11 September 2009

    Birthdays and better weather Towards the end of August Casey celebrated two birthdays with Vicki and Liam, both from the BoM contingent on station, having their birthdays on successive Sundays. Their birthdays were celebrated on the Saturday night, which gave …

  • Casey wharf during resupply

    4 September 2009

    Changes around station from winter to summer. The wharf was just dirt in summer and now is covered in a layer of snow and the boat ramp is trapped by the sea ice. Wharf during resupply Photo: Nick Wharf middle …

  • Airbus on arrival at Wilkins

    18 December 2009

    A diary of the first flight operations with arrivals and departures, operation ICECAP unlocks some geological and glaciological secrets, and shipping containers go walk-about, introducing expeditioners currently at Casey.

  • Adelie penguin near Casey Station

    31 October 2008

    It has been a topsy turvy couple of weeks here on station, with events continuing to unfold daily. At the 11th hour, as the ship drew to within ear-shot a little over a week ago, a call from Davis and …

  • Blizzard snow blown inside the Casey Station Boat Shed

    22 August 2008

    The early part of our week was characterised by strong winds, overcast skies, blowing snow and blizzards which blew all the sea-ice out of Newcomb Bay. Who recommended roller doors for the Boat Shed? Photo: Dan The Lower Fuel Farm …

  • Casey Station Head barman discussing drinks with other Expeditioners

    15 August 2008

    The creative juices have been flowing here at Casey over the past week with the 48hr Antarctic Film Festival kicking off in the Odeon on Thursday night, featuring our very own movie stars (including Joel, Brownie, Rich, Luc and Dan) …

  • Solar halo and sun dogs seen north of Casey Station

    29 August 2008

    I was in the kitchen all day on Saturday working with Richard preparing for our Viking Night feast. Saturday is the longest and in some ways the hardest day of the week in the kitchen for both the slushy and …

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