This week at Casey

  • Stuart writes Casey in the snow with his head torch

    6 July 2012 Single page view

    A fuel transfer that's anything but dull, a dose of Scottish culture and an interview with Jeremy Browne are your stories from Casey this week.

  • Casey 2012 group photo of winter expeditioners

    29 June 2012 Single page view

    Midwinter celebrations at Casey were almost derailed by very high winds. Witness the spirit of our expeditioners as they cope with aggressive weather and freezing water! Did they push on?

  • Mike on his push bike outside on the ice with reflective vest

    22 June 2012 Single page view

    Casey is wired for science, walking across Antarctica, watching the State of Origin rugby league clash and talking to the very interesting Jamie Lowe in this week's update.

  • Mid afternoon sunset out on the sea ice (landscape)

    15 June 2012 Single page view

    The beauty and importance surrounding sea ice drilling at Casey station, hydroponics, social fun with a trivia night and an interview with Evil.

  • Sunset at Browning with very bright sun descending behind a horizon in between peaks

    8 June 2012 Single page view

    Casey observes the transit of Venus under exceptional conditions this week, details office renovations, takes us on a trip to Browning Hut complete with incredible pics and provides an interview with Dan Vermazen, top bloke.

  • Gavin's face covered in gear to keep out cold wind

    1 June 2012 Single page view

    Casey gets rowdy with a rip roaring tribute to the rambunctious seventies, two expeditioners snow-shoe and sled it to Jack's Hut and Misty interviews expeditioner Phil in her Mad Minute.

  • Relay for Life. A photo of the 2012 Relay for Life runners after the race

    25 May 2012 Single page view

    Casey has raised over $11,300 for Cancer research in this year's Relay for Life, taken some impressive aurora photos and include an interview with expeditioner Jason Blackwell.

  • Stuart Gibson with face covered

    18 May 2012 Single page view

    Extreme plumbing in Antarctica, important search and rescue training and some short-lived outdoor fun at Casey this week.

  • Craig, Misty and Gav from behind, pulling sleds, as the sky darkens

    11 May 2012 Single page view

    Blizzards and record low temperatures make for interesting days at Casey while four expeditioners brave the outdoors, hauling sleds to Robbo's Hut.

  • Berg cruise

    4 May 2012 Single page view

    Team Dieso's summer, remote transmitters and brushing up on breathing apparatus.

  • Dawn service at Casey

    27 April 2012 Single page view

    ANZAC Day dawn service.

  • The old Wilkes crosses

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